Thursday, December 1, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Michigan's Strange Relationship with Virginia Tech

Brady Hoke's best win as Michigan head coach, came in his first year with an overtime win in the Sugar Bowl over Virginia Tech.   I attended that game and it was a terrible game to watch.   Both teams struggled and Michigan won the game by Denard throwing a bunch of 50/50 balls to Junior Hemmingway.

  • Then in 2013 Michigan and VA Tech football programs signed a home and home deal in the 2020 and 2021 seasons.  

  • Last night Michigan Basketball hosted VA Tech and got out to an early 15 point lead in the ACC - Big Ten Challenge.   With a minute to go VA Tech took the lead and won the game. 

  • Last night Michigan's long time CB commit Benjamin St-Juste decided he was going to stick with his Michigan commitment.  His final decision was Michigan over VA Tech.

  • On Saturday night in Orlando, Michigan fans will be rooting for VA Tech to upset Clemson, so that it might give the Wolverines a shot at making the final 4.
Let's hope the Hokies repay the favor the Michigan Basketball team gave them on Saturday night.

  • Ann Arbor Pioneer 4 star LB Antjuan Simmons de-committed from Ohio State last night.  The word on the street is top LB Baron Browning from Texas is close to committing to the Buckeyes.  Baron as you might remember visited A2 and had interest in the Wolverines.   There has been a strange relationship between Michigan and Anjuan and I don't expect he will end up playing across the street.  Michigan is still very high on MS LB Willie Gay and I believe the coaches visited him this week.    The issue is Willie might have some work to do in the classroom before being able to make it to A2. 

  • NJ Paramus Catholic LB Drew Singleton is visiting Michigan on 12/9.   Drew tore his ACL 3 months ago.  This story says he is doing very well in his rehab.

  • Jimmy and Coach Smith visited J'Marick Woods and family last night.

  • Flint DL Deron Irving-Bey will be announcing his choice at Army AA game.  He will take an official visit to A2 before that game.

  • With Oregon losing their head coach, keep an eye on the recruitment of DL Rutger Reitmaier. RR is an Ducks commit right now.   Michigan coaches are expected to visit him this week.

  • DB-J is visiting FSU this weekend.


Scott K said...

Go Buff Go.....

Hokies too, but I think the Buffs are more likely to pull off a win.


Voice of Reason said...

Bob, please forgive me for posting this out of turn and out of subject, however, I was listening to Coach Jerry Hanlon this morning on John Borton's Wolverine Podcast and he gave an emotional rant regarding the B1G officials that I was absolutely proud of and I couldn't have said it better myself. The officials and the B1G must be held accountable for their own mistakes. I am glad Coach Harbaugh spoke up, and Coach Hanlon spoke up, and I want the AD and the president to speak up. We have got to force the NCAA and the powers that be to look under and pull up the B1G and osu's skirt (figuratively speaking) and show their improper and unfair practices. We can't let this "die in committee" we have to continue to push the issue until we get resolution for our kid's future. I for one believe that Harbaugh/Michigan should NOT pay the $10,000 as a protest and make it public. IMHO!!!

ScottyDoggs said...

Dear V.O.R., you are not out of subject; because what happened in Columbus can not/ will not be forgotten (like the "Alamo")

I did not know Jerry Hanlon was still alive and kick'in... A Demigod line coach of years gone by.

Your absolutely right, GREAT IDEA!!!!!... do not pay the fine ever...only to be considered if they "drain the swamp" at Columbus and still not pay it! sOMEHOW WE HAVE TO BACK UP hARBAUGH If he pays it he is a Pussy and eats boogers.

That's why I like the comment section, you sometimes come across unique unheard ideas. Just a side note... I wonder how long of contract Hoke has and how much he will get each year... In science books when they have picture of leeches, they should have Hoke and that Notre Dane coach that had a 10 year contract with Notre Dame that cost them millions... should include them mating ( how leeches reproduce themselves).

Scott K said...

Kevin Wilson out at Indiana....

They named the D coordinator head coach. Wow.