Friday, January 6, 2017

Michigan Friday: I Don't Know Man?

When you don't want to make a fuse about where your going to school and just show up on campus, the media around you will do some of the strangest things to try to find out clues on where your going.   This is what Najee Harris's week has looked like.  If you need a re-fresher he is the #1 player and RB in the nation and has been committed to Alabama for nearly two years. 

Let's not forget this is a great time to sell monthly subscriptions to all the recruiting services and each service is trying to break the biggest story on the year.  Will Najee stick with Bama or head to Ann Arbor?

  • First a report came out from an Alabama QB commit that they were flying together to Alabama.
  • Then a report came out that he had a ticket to head home to Oakland.
  • Then a report came out yesterday afternoon that he had changed his ticket from flying to Oakland to Alabama. 
This of course has sent both fan bases into a frenzy.   Here is something you can count on, he is either going to come to University of Michigan or not.   We should know the latest on Monday as classes have already started in A2 and start on 1/11 at Alabama.

  • Update: Chuck is Blue! Yes, there are other reasons (then above) to watch the Army AA game on Saturday.  Michigan is looking great for one of the most important recruits in the class, OL Chuck Filiaga will be announcing during the game.   Also, Michigan has it's QB Dylan McCaffrey, WR Tarik Black, WR DPJ, DE DIB, and CB Ambry Thomas.

  • It looks like PJ Fleck is going to Row The Boat for the Golden Gophers for $3.5M a year for 6 years.   They also kicked the tires on Les. I wonder if any of the Michigan assistants would be in line for the WMU job?

  • Looks like Georgia and Alabama will be giving Michigan a run for Nico Collins this month.


Mike Tebbe said...

Chuck is M

Big35Hurt said...

Big Chuck! Go BLUE! Now we are starting to get some of the types of BIG ROAD GRADING LINEMEN that we want to be able to run our offense. Big Mike, Big Chuck, we have the makings of the type of OLine that we are looking for!!! We are gonna start to ruin it down people's throats and then hit em with play action to actual ATHLETES on the outside. I'm likin' how this is starting to shape up.

Scott K said...

Harris is headed home to CA to discuss his college decision with his momma.... This ain't over yet. He wants to be Blue, or it would be done already.

Mike Tebbe said...

Sounds like he needs minor knee surgery too... There's new info every day on this guy

Scott K said...

And the reports are that he is now in AL.... Saga ends.