Friday, January 13, 2017

Michigan Friday: New Recruiting Board With Updates

Since Michigan picked up one guy from their board and lost one, it's time to update it for the final stretch before the 2/1 signing day.  

1) Aubrey Solomon - I hate to have him #1 after that video came out last week.  I didn't even include him on the board last time.   I still think Michigan has an up hill battle here but it seems his mom is strongly in Michigan's camp and was very upset over the video.   Recent crystal balls have been heading to Michigan and the Michigan coaches will visit him next week.   Aubrey plays a position of huge need and a 5 star player.   I'm still a little torn here and would be pleasantly surprised if he ended up in Ann Arbor.

2) Nico Collins - I also hate when Michigan is the leader for a guy for nearly a year.  It never seems to work out for us if they don't publically commit.   There are rumors Nico is a silent, but there were also the same rumors for OT Wilson.    Jimmy was scheduled to do his in home with Nico yesterday but the birth of his child opened the door for Coach Wheat and Drevno to make the visit.   Which means Jimmy still has his in home left.    The latest trends has Nico heading to Georgia, which is not a good sign.  

3) Willie Gay - Is a great LB and some believe he could step into the Peppers role next season.  There is a bit of buzz from Willie about LSU during Army week.  Michigan has a 4 star LB directly in their backyard who they aren't paying any attention to, so it's Willie or bust for this spot.  There could be some admission issues here as well and getting at guy out of Mississippi is not easily done.  Coach Partridge was expected to visit Willie yesterday.

4) Jay Tufele - This recruitment may still be open.  Jay would be a huge pick up at a position of need for the Wolverines.  Jay will take a few trips this month and probably will be a NSD decision.   Michigan will need to put the full court press here but it's going to be hard to pull him from out West.   Right now Michigan has zero crystal ball predictions on 24/7 which is not a great sign.  Coach Mattison was planning to visit Jay on Wednesday.

5) Mekhi Becton - Is a 6'7 345 pound OT prospect.  I think Jimmy would take Becton over another DB if that is an option.  They might take both! 

6) Brandon Sebastian CB who is currently committed to BC is visiting this weekend, if he has committable offer, he should jump on it this weekend.  

I wonder if Michigan will start recruiting Oliver Martin again if Nico starts looking like a lost cause.   Oliver is looking at MSU and ND right now and I think his heart is in Ann Arbor. 

Michigan needs a DT and missing out on both Jay and Aubrey seems to a very good possibility.    Like I have mentioned before, I hope they have a plan B for that position.    I actually don't feel very confident about any of the top 4 guys on the board.

  • The Pep Hamilton hire is now official.   Michigan gained a Pep and lost a Pep this week.   I hope he passes his recruiting test and hits the trail today!

  • In some what of a surprise move, it seems Wisconsin DC Justin Wilcox is the #1 candidate for the Head Coach job at CAL.

  • The buzz around Coach Wheat and WMU has seemed to have died down.

  • Clemson OT Jake Fruhmorgen has decided to transfer and may look at Michigan.  He was a 2015 recruit and will have to sit out a year.  I remember his name during that recruiting cycle, I also believe he took an un-official visit to A2.


Scott K said...

Solomon...... it would be great to land a 5* that's one of the top players in the country, but maybe not him.
I know... I know..... 18 year olds will be 18 year olds... the video could have just been a one time lapse in judgment, or this kid might be a bigger problem waiting to happen.

The next two weeks will be pretty interesting. GO BLUE

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