Thursday, January 19, 2017

Michigan Thursday: Some Names A Bit Off The Radar

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In Jimmy's two past recruiting classes at Michigan, it seems he always pulls a few names out of a hat late in the process.   I will try to give us a few possibilities of guys that could pop in for a late visit and could join the 2017 class.

  • 4 star RB Cordarrian Richardson from Tennessee is getting a visit from Jay Harbaugh.   He once was a Clemson commit.   Hopefully,  O'Maury Samuels will re-confirm his commitment to Michigan this weekend on his official visit.

  • 4 star OG CJ Thorpe is not a surprise name as he has been talked about for a couple of a weeks.   He is a PSU commit and his dad played there.   He will visit A2 this weekend and Michigan will need to sell him pretty hard to re-consider his commitment.   Maybe they can show him a photo of the Michigan - PSU final scoreboard.   There is also a concern that Kai-Leon Herbert's commitment to Michigan is as soft as whip cream.

  • 4 star LB Ellis Brooks has really wanted Michigan's attention for some time.   Willie Gay continues to be up in the air with his Michigan interest and qualification.  It's clear that Willie is the coaches first choice, but if Ellis visits and gets an offer, don't be surprised if he jumps at it.

  • 3 star DB Ifeatu Melifonwu  is a Syracuse commit.   He is a 6'3 athlete that Michigan would be looking at for a DB role.  He played RB, WR and DB in high school and seems like a good athlete.    My man has 3 offers from Syracuse, UConn and BC.   His brother is a 4 year senior starter at Safety at UConn and might get drafted.  We know Don Brown loves tall DB's and he could come in as a CB or most likely a safety.    Michigan seems to really want another DB and Brandon Sebastian is now off the board as his visit was cancelled last weekend.   There are some thoughts that Brad Hawkins could play DB, but his WR highlights are tremendous.  Michigan has also re-started recruiting Oliver Martin, which could mean bad news on Nico (Georgia trending and the loss of Jedd) and Michigan taking an extra WR instead of a DB.  

This is going to be a fun two weeks.......

PS: Yes, I know that Crystal Balls keep trending to Michigan for Solomon.   I will believe this one when I see it. 


Tim said...

Thanks for the info Bob.

It would be interesting to see what percentage of guys end up playing a different position in college than what they were recruited for and what that percentage is for Jimmy.

Scott K said...

solomon to michigan looks, smells and fells like Josh Garnett's recruitment. Lots of noise and high hopes, in the end mostly smoke and mirrors.

Mike Tebbe said...

Shallman gone