Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Peppers Says His Decision Hasn't Been Made Yet

Has Forbes ever broken a sports story?  My guess is not very often.  

This guy is saying that Peppers has picked an agent and is going pro.   As we all know, this is probably the case eventually but someone should probably let Jabrill know.

  • On OSU news, reports are they are hiring former IU head coach Kevin Wilson as a the OC.  He is quite the offensive mind but I'm not sure his crazy fits with Urbans crazy.  We will see.  They have also hired Ryan Day at the QB coach.  

  • Speaking of IU football, Mike DeBord is leaving Tennessee to be the OC at IU.    This guy must have a lot of friends in coaching.

  • Freddy "footwork" Canteen who was put on a medical redshirt, will graduate this spring and will look for a school to do the graduate transfer thing.


Scott K said...

with canteen moving on and cole most likely not coming back..... i hope there's a full court press put on getting oliver martin into the recruiting class. kinda makes me wonder if drake harris might look to transfer as well, unless he sees himself getting 1st squad reps at WR next season.

Scott K said...

I meant to say Perry, not cole.... not sure where that came from

Bob said...

I really like Martin and wish he had made a Michigan decision early, I think Hawkins took his spot.

As an FYI, Freddie has not been on the roster this year as he took the medical before the season.

Scott K said...

Is PJ Fleck going to MN? Will this be Less Miles be back in the BiG 10?

Bob said...

I'm willing to bet PJ would be the pick

Scott K said...

I'm not sure PJ leaves WMU for MN.... I think he rules the MAC for another season holding out for a bigger job offer.

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