Monday, February 27, 2017

Michigan Monday: Coach B Does It Again

It seems the last few years, Michigan Basketball continues to trend like this.  

Up - Has a good pre-Big 10 season and sets up for a nice run in the Big 10

Down - During the early to mid Big Ten season, the team struggles on the road and loses a head scratcher at home. Rumors about Coach B being on the hot seat start popping up.

Up- Team finishes the regular season strong and gets into the NCAA tournament.

Michigan had a strong senior day and beat the #14 Purdue Boilermakers on Saturday afternoon.  With this win, the Wolverines seem strongly in the NCAA Tournament.   Michigan still has to go on the road to play a tough Northwestern team (looking for it's first ever NCAA invite) and Nebraska.   Hopefully, the Wolverines can win both or split the pair before the Big 10 Tournament.

Michigan is never going to be able to get a ton of one and done guys.  Those player are not who Coach B recruits.   I think the goal of this program is to be a Wisconsin like team.    Top 25 team, makes the tournament every year, and once every 5 years makes a run to the Final 4 with some guys they developed.

  • I usually don't like reporting recruiting news for two classes out but with the small numbers expected in 2018, it seems the coaches are making the 2019 class a priority.   2019 four-star OLB Anthony Solomon who was just up for a visit is planning to attend the Spring Game.  (I don't believe there is any relation to Aubrey).

  • 2018 4-star TE Brevin Jordan of Vegas is expected to visit Ann Arbor soon.

  • Due to his injury in the Orange Bowl, Jake Butt could fall to the 4th or 5th round.

  • If I had to guess at Michigan's 2018 board, I would guess QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson is the top player on it.  He is expected to take an in-official to A2 in April.


Renegade said...

Depending on what your expectations are for Michigan basketball, Beilein’s record is actually not all that great. Just looking at the numbers (including the first 29 games this season):

Overall record : 208–133 (.610) not bad. Won 61% of games he coached.


Big 10 record : 97–81 (.545) doesn’t look quite as good. The overall record, of course, include playing lesser ran games.

Big 10 finishes: 1st (2), 4th (2), 7th (2), 8th (1), 9th (2).
Again, doesn’t look great.

Tournament finishes:
No invite (3)
Lost 1st round (2)
Lost 2nd round (2)
Elite Eight (1)
Runner Up (1)

The Elite Eight and Runner up look good, but other than that nothing to get excited about.

I am not a Beilein hater, but his overall record is, at best, decent. Michigan basketball can be better than this.

Mike Tebbe said...

I agree.... Its time we get back to elite BIG 10 ball....

Bob said...

I agree guys, he hasn't been great, I think he really needs to up his recruiting. I think he finally has the right defensive coaches in place.

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