Monday, February 6, 2017

Michigan Monday: Tom Brady is the GOAT

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It's hard to have watched last nights Super Bowl and come away with words to describe what our eyes saw.  That game was over at 28-3 with the Falcons defense playing well and rushing Tom Brady.   The key to beating New England and Tom Brady has always been, get pressure with the front four.  

That was exactly what was happening for two + quarters last night.  Until it wasn't.   An unbelievable Super Bowl for an unbelievable QB.   It feels so good that he is a Michigan Man!

(For those of you that might not understand GOAT - it stands for Greatest of All Time)

  • Breaking News: It looks like Brady Hoke is heading to The University of Tennessee as their defensive line coach.   Which is a good hire and a good spot for Brady.  We all know that is his sweet spot.  He is also a good recruiter.    The down side, Brady just took a job as the Oregon DC a year ago with a head coach on the hot seat.  Butch Jones is clearly on the hot seat as well and this will probably be his last year if he doesn't make it to the SEC Championship game. (Bruce Feldman is source on the Hoke to UT)

  • Now some bad news, many BHB readers have been wondering where the Michigan roster will loose a few players.  I believe with the 2017 recruiting class, Michigan is +3 over the 85 scholarship limit for next year.   We might have our first surprise and disappointing reduction to the roster.   The name is Freshman TE Devin Asiasi from California.   It seems Devin is having some serious family issues and has been back home for a couple of weeks.   Now it's expected that Devin will transfer to another school in California so he can be closer to his family.   There are more important things then Michigan football and I hope his family issues get resolved.   

  • Devin is a talented young player that played in 12 games this year and even caught a TD.  Michigan is deep at that position but will feel the loss of this talented young TE.  There are also some rumors that Michigan could lose another offensive lineman.   There hasn't been any names tied to this rumor but it comes from a reliable insider source.    This loss could be a devastating one as Michigan is very thin at all offensive line positions.

  • If your wondering about Scout's bankruptcy.   It seems 24/7 was the highest and only bidder for the recruiting service. It's likely Sam Webb will end up at 24/7 over the next 6 months as many of the Scouts contracts will be picked up by 24/7.    This would be a good match as Sam is the #1 insider and 24/7 is one of the best recruiting services for Michigan Football.  Update: Looks like 24/7 is going to keep Scout's a separate brand from it's 24/7 service.  So Sam is probably staying where he is at currently.


Scott K said...

Excellent come back.... Wow.... just wow!

Brady is going to be the new DL coach at Tenn.

Scott K said...

Hoke, that is, not Tom.... :)