Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Michigan NSD in Review

I love it when a plan comes together.  

Michigan was expected to get two high profile recruits in SEC Country, Aubrey and Nico and they did.   The other 3 guys were long shots and were trending away from the Wolverines.   They all ended up going to other schools. 

When you come away with a 5 Star DT and a 6'5 4 star WR - It is a great day!  

The Signing of the Stars was a bit long and Michigan didn't announce the LOI's until the show started.     It was worth the wait and all the commits signed and faxed in their paperwork. 

There were a couple of funny mistakes.   I was watching on ESPNU when Aubrey announced.   I thought he said, Miami instead of Michigan but I didn't think too much of it with the audio issues they were having.   I guess he really did say Miami by mistake. 

Michigan also put a PWO WR on the commitment video which was clearly a mistake as well. 

We even had a little bit of a surprise with the commitment of the #1 punter in the class from Ohio, Brad Robbins. 

This is a top 5 class and you have to love it.   Here is where Michigan stands right now on the services:

24/7 = #4
Scouts = #3
Rivals = #4
ESPN = #4

Note: as of 4:00 Michigan is yet to announce the LOI's of Collins or Robbins.

Update: Nico is in

Michigan State has had a very difficult NSD:

  • A scholarship offer player turns down an offer from MSU to walk-on to Northwestern
  • Then MSU loses a WR they were leading for to South Alabama.
  • Then a 3 star DL commit doesn't sign a LOI because he is in jail in Orlando. 
They have the #21 rated class on Scouts.

The pull your hair out event of the day

Alabama recruit 4 Star DE and Army All American Jarez Park from Florida wants to join Bama so bad, he will gray shirt.   It seems Alabama ran out of scholarships and Park prefers to wait a year to join the team instead of signing with another team.    Park will join Alabama next January. 


Renegade said...

Getting Collins and Solomon is good news. I sincerely hope Solomon's previous actions were that of a young man who will mature with the program.

I really like the signing of Robbins. A good punter can really save the day by pinning the opposing offense in or getting our team out of trouble.

ScottyDoggs said...

I did not realize how high Michigan's recruiting class was rated! Off hand, this is based on the star system, I wonder if anybody has the knowledge to rank classes based on true potential... I guess we will find out in 3 or 4 years... Yikes > I seen where Michigan needs to replace all but 5 starters on offense and defense... GADZOOKS!

Voice of Reason said...

First let me say thanks Bob for the work that you've put into this NSD special. It was obviously a lot of work and effort; you're the best. Secondly, I am very pleased with this class. I think that Michigan really helped itself with this talent. If this class is as good as we hope it is, then when you think about the potential talent from last year, Michigan may have graduated from a rebuild program to a reload status program for future classes. I like the moniker of the "Fab Five" for the WR's that was mentioned on the Borton Blog, I think they are potentially that good.

Aubrey Solomon should be embraced with open arms. Think about it, when I think about all of the crazy things that I have said and done when I was 18/19 years old I thank God that I was around people who were wise and compassionate enough to forgive me and protected me from myself.

Lastly, regarding the kid who wants to grey shirt for Alabama. We obviously don't know his story, however, we know that some students feel that football is all they have...academics is not an options because they simply don't have it (in their minds), so they jump onto the train that they think will get them into the pros. Alabama is not a bad school but it isn't an elite academic institution either (arguably). IMHO!!!

Renegade said...

ScottyD. I always look at the individual averages and not the total points. Total point gets skewed if you have a big commit class. Although, as we know, the real test begins in the fall when ranking points no longer count, but points on the scoreboard do.

VoR. No problem welcoming Solomon with open arms. He is young and college is a good place to learn to be an adult. However, he needs to understand that, unlike the rest of us, his bad actions will be broadcast to everyone.

Bob said...

I'm going to give Aubrey a pass for making a dumb kid like decision, since he made a great decision today!

Thank you VOR for the kind words as well! The toughest part of the day is watching those long high school announcements on internet. :)

Mike Tebbe said...

Great work on the blog...

Great 2017 class as well

Parks going to gray shirt? WOW

Looks like we are at 88 total committed kids for 17. 3 need to go by Aug 1st

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