Thursday, February 23, 2017

Michigan Thursday: A Couple New Football Hires and The NCAA Freezes Ole Miss

This is going to happen every year that Harbaugh is at Michigan.  His staff and coaches are going to come and go.  The reason is that Jimmy's staff is a great place for coaches to get promotions.   This programs will be a continues round robin of coaches. Case in point, the last two Oregon WR coaches came from Jimmy's staff or almost Jimmy's staff (Michael Johnson took the Ducks role after accepting a role on Jimmy's staff).  This is similar to Nick Saban's staff,  who has had 3 OC's in the last month or so.

The next example is a the current Defensive Coordinator of Hawaii has accepted a non-coaching role on Jimmy's staff.    Which seems a little strange and a step back in Kevin Lempa's career ladder.   Maybe he was getting pushed out or just needed a change (Dude, you were working and living in Hawaii?).   Either way, it's a net gain for Michigan Football and that's all we care about.

Question for the Big House Blog inmates:  I know staff members are not allowed to coach on game days, but what about practice?  Can staff members be on the field coaches during a regular practice?

The next hire came earlier this week when Michigan announced Sean Magee had been named Michigan Football's Director of Player Personnel.  Sean came from Navy. 

  • Remember in the 2013 recruiting class when a ton of top players went to Ole Miss?  We all wondered out load when the NCAA would hit them for violations?  Treadwell even posted a picture of himself holding a couple thousand dollars.   That day was yesterday.   I guess Hugh Freeze will get more time to spend with his family now.

  • Michigan Basketball grinded out a victory over Rutgers last night on the road.   If your wondering, the football team scored more points at Rutgers last season.   In other basketball news, Mark Donnal won't be back for his 5th year next year.

  • Michigan offered Orlando 2018 QB Joe Milton this morning.

  •  Michigan also offered today LT Ryan Hayes out of Traverse City (West).


Mike Tebbe said...

Ole Miss self imposed 1 year bowl ban is a joke. I hope the NCAA steps in and makes it greater... When you get caught cheating the hammer needs to drop!!!

Tim said...

I stand to be corrected, but I believe teams can have up to 4 graduate assistant analysts that can help during during practice, but they need to be pursuing a graduate degree at the university.

An analyst role like Turner and Lempa just took, from what I understand, are not permitted on practice field to help with players.

Their main role is to watch file and give advice and instruction to current coaches.

Bob said...

Thanks Tim!

Voice of Reason said...


the attached link from the A2 News answers that question and many other unasked.

Let me know if you have difficulty pulling it up and I will try something different.

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