Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: It's Clear Who Runs Michigan Football

I love that the University of Michigan has given the keys to the kingdom to Jim Harbaugh.   This might be the first time that has happened at this historic program.   I know for a long time, Bo didn't even have a contract while he was at Michigan.    It was also clear during the disastrous David Brandon time that he was the man in charge.  

Now, Michigan is paying two coordinators a $1M each, Greg Mattison I believe is getting paid in the $750,000 range and Greg Fry just signed for 1/2 a million a year.    He is also hiring a number of guys to be on his non-coaching staff and I expect those folks are making $150 - $250K a year as well.   Wisconsin has lost a number of head coaches because they wouldn't pay their assistants a competitive salary.

The latest hire is Michael Johnson the former OC for the 49'ers and UCLA to Jimmy's non-coaching staff.   Johnson is also the father of the #1 Dual Threat QB in the 2019 class, Michael Johnson Jr..   Jimmy also knows Johnson during his brief stay with the Chargers. 

It's also expected that the NCAA will approve one more coaching role for each program, which will give each program 10 assistants.   If that is approved, Michael Johnson could fill that role. 

Since hiring high school coaches and fathers or mothers of recruits is a common practice, there is a new rule from the NCAA coming that you can't hire "a individual associated with a prospect" within two years of that prospect enrolling.  This rule only applies to non-coaching roles.  This hire would seem to be outside that two year window for Johnson Jr. and would not apply if he gets a full time coaching role.

  • Matt Baldeck a freshman at Ole Miss is now heading to Ann Arbor to be a long snapper.  I don't know how the transfer rules work for walk-on's and if he will have to sit out a year if he is not on scholarship at either school.

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