Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Jimmy Hires Another Offensive Analyst

There is hardly any sports news right now with the NBA on vacation, Spring Training yet to begin and the NFL draft still months away.    So when Jimmy does something it gives ESPN and other talking heads something to talk about.  

Since Jimmy's last hire headed to Oregon instead of joining his staff, I'm sure this hire will get similar inspection.    Reports are that Jimmy has hired Norv Turner's son Scott as an offensive analyst.   I can't wait to hear how Pete spins this one?  Let's take a few guesses....

  • Harbaugh hires Norv Turner's son so he can make his way back to the NFL and hire Norv has his OC.

  • This is just a way to really hire Norv and have his input on game plans.

I don't know if Scott has any 5 star kids ready for college in a few years, but he does have some nice experience. 

Pitt offensive assistant (2008-2009)
Pitt WR coach (2010)
Carolina Panthers quality control coordinator (2011-2012)
Cleveland Browns WR coach (2013)
Minnesota Vikings QB coach (2014-2016)

This seems like a strong hire as Scott is very well regarded in NFL circles and another guy to help develop QB's and WR's.

  • 2018 4 star NJ RB Iverson Clement had a good visit to Ann Arbor last weekend.

  • Michigan also offered Dayton 2018 RB Tavion Thomas.


ScottyDoggs said...

A day late, but Daniel Faalele would make me the fastest man in the "world". If I was on the opposing team facing him... as soon as the play started, would turn around and run like crazy so I do not get the Be'Jesus kicked out of me.
Not showing too much pride, but still alive.

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