Friday, March 17, 2017

Michigan Friday: Basketball Starts The NCAA Tournament Today

The NCAA tournament committee didn't do the Wolverines any favors in today's match up.   I don't know much about Oklahoma State, but I know they have a high powered offense and Michigan will need to continue its hot shooting and play some good defense!   Louisville is on deck for a second round match up of the Championship Game from a few years ago if the Wolverines can get by OK State.

Good luck to the team this weekend!

  • Jourdan Lewis has pled not guilty to the domestic assault charges 

  • Michigan has offered the Green twins CB/S from Desoto, Texas in the 2018 class.   Now that is what I call a combo recruiting package!

  • Looks like Michigan is doing a Spring Combine, similar to the NFL Combine:


UofM91 said...

kinda sad Gary ran a 40 almost as fast as the best time in the secondary.... #GoBlue 〽

Scott K said...

Considering his time would have been in the top ten at this years NFL combine.... its not sad at all.... pretty fucking awesome

UofM91 said...

so you're not worried that the DBs run slightly faster than a DLmen?

ScottyDoggs said...

my two cents worth... the speed/timing of Gary if relevant to this discussion... If Gary's 40 was 5.8, I would say we are hurting, but if Gary's time was 4.4/4.5 I would say that is great news for the secondary:

So what was Gary's time, and for that matter, what is our secondary's time?

UofM91 said...

Gary ran a 4.57

Hill & Long ran a 4.52 as the fastest players in the secondary

ScottyDoggs said...

I have to agree with Scott K. then, the 4.57 is frick'in awesome... from UofN91 the twin 4.52's are quite good, and also speed is just one factor; Instincts, judgement, playing the ball and not the opposition player.

UofM91... what about incoming players... Harbaugh is after speed, maybe in time we will see sub 4.5's in the future?

Just kidding, but do we need a cage match (WWE style) for Scott K. and UofM91?

UofM91 said...

I agree thats an amazing time for a DLmen... but it makes the DBS look slow as hell... the second best time on the team in the secondary is Ambry Thomas at 4.55.... just barely faster than Gary.... the second best on the DL was Winovich at 4.7

also I would never fight family... #GoBlue 〽

Scott K said...

I think you're looking at it backwards.... in the NFL combine there were plenty of Dbacks and WRs ..... yet Gary's time was in the top ten. it isn't that we have slow Dbacks, Gary is a friggin' beast, and as fast as a quality Dback (for 40 yards).

I'm a lover not a fighter..... We can pour a couple glasses of bourbon and talk shit on each other, but that's as violent as i get.

GO BLUE..... Beat those thug cardinals.

ScottyDoggs said...

I wish I was a lover, but last girl-friend's house was that frozen one that Bob pictured... kind'a unavailable; Well entrenched.

Scott K said...

Wow.... Mo woke up, with a vengeance! GO BLUE

Bob said...

Love the discussion and way U of M played this weekend. Go Blue!

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