Monday, March 27, 2017

Michigan Monday: Don Brown Speaks

Don Brown had a presser on Friday after the first day of spring ball and a couple of interesting sound bites:

The next walk-on starter?: (bold is mine)  “The Sam-Mike-Will thing: getting Mike McCray back. (W)robo, Mike Wroblewski, there’s another guy where I’m watching him in practice last year [and] just can’t even believe it’s the same guy. You talk about a self-made football player, but a guy who knows it all. Here’s—I’ve never had to do this before. He’s telling the secondary, making their on-rights and lefts call, he’s making the tight call, he’s making the detach call for the outside linebacker and it’s finally like, ‘Hey Robo, you need to shut up and let those guys make those calls themselves.’ ‘Oh yeah, Coach, yeah, yeah, yeah.’ That’s how well he knows the scheme. So him and Devin Bush and Mike McCray. Furbush was good.

Who is going to replace Peppers?:  Khaleke Hudson was our VIPER today. Arrows up; really excited about him. Glasgow was a VIPER today.  Josh Metellus as well.

Who is going to replace the seniors at CB?: Obviously they (Hill and Long) get first dibs and if they can hold onto it, great. They’re such young guys, just let ‘em compete and it’ll take care of itself. I’m really not—you know, I joked around last fall and said I’m not afraid.
“We’ll get it, we’ll be settled, we’ll have our packages down, and we’ll have a very, very solid group that’ll be able to compete at a high level despite the age. I’m not worried about that at all. I’d rather be talented and young than not, than the alternative; have a bunch of veterans and you’re going, oh my god, what am I gonna do? I’ll take the alternative and be happy with it.

  • Michigan on Friday also lost another guy to transfer when Kingston Davis decided that the RB position was full and he isn't interested in playing FB.    If the rumors on Shelton Johnson are accurate, this would get Michigan back to 85 scholarship players.    The loss of Kingston doesn't really hurt the program but would have loved to see him stay and play some FB.   

  • The Michigan offensive line is far from cemented but on the first day of spring practice, one configuration was moving Cole back to LT (from center), LG Bredeson, C Ruiz (true early enrolled freshman and could still be a HS senior),  RG Onwenu, and RT JBB.

One a side note, I guess Oregon was better then I thought.  I thought you were going to have to be Golden State to beat Kansas in KC, I was really wrong.


Renegade said...

To bad Oregon didn't get paired with S. Carolina. It would be the Ducks vs. the Roosters (Gamecocks).

Scott K said...

That's just fowl. :-P

M go Clean said...

I always love when the Trojans pay the Beavers

alablue said...

I remember when Troy Trojans hosted Navy and beat them. A friend of mine was a sports writer for a area paper. He joking made the headline.

Seaman invasion Block by the Trojan defense.

ScottyDoggs said...

To Scott K.... Should Chris "Fowler" have announced that proposed game?

Voice of Reason said...

As we prepare for this Michigan football season I am not as concerned about how they'll do because I believe they will do fine. Although a number of Michigan starters/players from last year will be heading to the NFL it seems as though there will be few (if any) true freshman starting. Those lining up to replace them at the first snap of each game I would reckon will be RS freshmen or sophomores. True freshman will obviously be in the rotation which to me reflects more upon their skill levels which will be earned and solid preparation.

I think one can argue that college football is not pro football in that in college you can hide ones weaknesses better-longer because not many teams on your schedule are equipped to exploit your weaknesses or at the very least exploit them with consistency. Case in point, Michigan's offensive line was not really a championship quality line as we know the last two years but they were good enough to win 10 games both seasons with their weaknesses. However, it was those weaknesses that cost them the three games last year against solid teams that they were about a point shy in each. Arguably one could say if they were able to get a first down in those crucial times at the end of those games they could have and likely would have won. Furthermore, those same weak lineman are not likely to make any starting pro line up. They simply aren't good enough (at present).

So what I am saying is that with a roster that is approximately 3/4 his own, Harbaugh's talented youth (imo) is a better option than some of the other more experienced players that some of the other failed coaches had brought in. Michigan's youth movement although necessary will be fine. Yes they will take their lumps but that's a part of the process. Therefore, I will trust this staff to identify, prepare and to develop the youth into championship caliber players. IMHO!!!