Thursday, March 2, 2017

Michigan Thursday: Michigan Basketball Has a Seinfeld Moment Against Northwestern

If you didn't know, Julia Louis-Dreyfus son plays for the Northwestern Basketball team.   As you probably know, Northwestern hasn't ever made the NCAA Tournament.   After last nights, Hail Mary buzzer beater win against the Wolverines, they are now unofficially making it to the tournament.   Things like this happen in basketball and your welcome Northwestern.  I guess this is a little payback for all the come from behind wins Michigan has gotten over Northwestern on the football field. 

After that loss, we need a happy moment from Michigan's future QB, holding a Bo Schembechler signed football.   This young man is the newest member of the Harbaugh family - John named after his famous Uncle.

  • Ohio State got a commitment from RB Jaelen Gill yesterday.   He is rated the 37th player in the nation to ESPN.

  • 4 star CB Myles Sims will visit Ann Arbor next weekend.

  • 2018 Top100 DT Tyler Friday will take another visit to Ann Arbor.

  • This won't hurt recruiting!


Scott K said...

flash back to evan turner's heart breaking buzzer beater.....

rule #1, don't let them catch the ball moving toward the basket. oh well. we really didn't play well enough to deserve a win. walton double dribble and lane violation were so uncharacteristic of him.... and in a tied game, why the hell was zac taking a friggin' 3pt shot from a mile away? get that damn ball in to Mo down low or drive the f'ing lane and draw contact.

ScottyDoggs said...

Better late then never I guess... but Dantonio (Michigan state coach), was becoming a hot commodity when Michigan State was tough, and he could of easily jumped ship and had a big contact in his hands. (Was Southern California job open to him?).
Anyways Dantonio stayed, figured he had it made (tenured), but MSU imploded( to say the least)... now I figure he is hanging on by his finger nails, and just a cut above Hoke.
Remember when Harbaugh got hired that everybody thought Jimmy would have to fight Michigan State and Ohio State... now it seems only Ohio State is in the ring and they are not going to let us dominate them with out a fight.

Renegade said...

Last night's Wildcat victory may have been by a "Hail Mary", but it was Michigan putting themselves in the position to lose. And guess what, a decent Northwestern team took advantage of the opportunity.