Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Hops On A Bus

With all the flight issues the Michigan Wolverines have had the last week, Coach B has decided to take a bus to Indy this weekend.   Michigan plays OK State who has the #1 offense in the nation on Friday afternoon and if they get past them, will most likely face Louisville.  As you know, Louisville is about 2 hours from Indy and I'm sure it will feel like a road game for the Wolverines if they make it to Sunday.  No matter what happens this weekend, the Wolverines have had a strong year.   

Coach B is resting the legs of the Wolverines this week as they prepare for start of the NCAA Tournament.   Hopefully, the long bus ride will help with the legs as well.

  • Michigan Basketball finished #23 in the AP Poll.

  • The top prospect on Michigan's board, Dorian Thompson-Robinson was named the MVP at the LA Nike Opening/Elite 11 Event.   DTR won the QB MVP and received an invite to the Elite 11.

  • A few guys making some noise in winter conditioning include: Big Mike Onwenu and DPJ.

Your Tuesday moment of reflection:

Lets hope Oklahoma State's outside shooting on Friday is like this house from the winter storm hitting the East Coast right now:



ScottyDoggs said...

I swear to God that picture of that house is taken of my x-girl friends house.... that "would not give it up!"

Steve Zander said...

I find it odd that coach Harbaugh did not tweet congrats to the bball team. He's usually all over everything M related.

Bob said...

Steve, he did mention it within a Dylan McCaffrey tweet about winning the State Basketball title.

huyen thu said...

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