Friday, April 14, 2017

Michigan Friday: What I Will Be Watching On Saturday

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You have to love Spring, winter is heading out the door and the taste from the Iowa, OSU and FSU loss is still in your mouth.  We were happy on signing day but now it's time to get back to work and see the Wolverines scrimmage at the Big House. 

The Big Ten bumped Michigan to show the OSU spring game live.   Which of course is a terrible idea and someone at BTN and the Big Ten Conference should have their T&E budget cut in half as a penalty.  The game will be live on internet or you can watch it tape delayed on BTN.  

Either way, here is what I will be looking for tomorrow:

  • Improved QB Play:  Wilton was great and not so great in Michigan's loses last year.   Yes, the offensive line had a lot to do with that but he needs to take another step in a positive direction this year.   Is John O'Korn ready?  Is Brandon Peters the next great Michigan QB?  Give me hope quarterbacks!

  • Offensive line:  The last unit had experience but wasn't very good.  Does this new unit play well together and do we have some guys that are really going to take this offense to the next level?  Please don't let us rely on true freshman who aren't even on campus yet!

  • The Young put talented WR core - Who is the #1 guy?  DPJ is he ready to be star as a freshman? The hype of Crawford has been very positive this spring.  Is McDoom ready to live up to his last name?

  • I'm not worried about TE or RB's.  I think we are good there.  Would like to see something from Gentry and Wheat though.

  • Can the Defensive Line still be dominating with new starters on it?

  • Who are the starting CB's?  I want to see how good Long is. 

  • Who is ready to play the Viper role? Excited about the athletic Hudson, who folks are saying the light has turned on for.

  • LB's and DE's we should be good.   I expect to see a lot of pass rush against Michigan's Oline.
This unit should be young but maybe ahead of the offense at this point.   I expect a great defensive performance from both squads and only a few points given up.

It's always a great day to see Michigan playing in the Big House.  I hope everyone stays healthy and plays well!

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Scott K said...

Devin Bush was all over the place.... That kid is going to disrupt a lot of offenses.

The pick 6's are a bit unsettling. They tried to explain them away saying they practice against each other for two weeks so no big deal... I hope that was it.