Monday, April 17, 2017

Michigan Monday: Spring Game in Revew: The Future is Bright!

University of Michigan receiver Tarik Black is tackled
Max Ortiz - Detroit News
The Spring Game is like when your a child and you get a sneak peek at your Christmas presents on Thanksgiving.    You get a quick glimpse of what your future might look like.   Saturday was that for me, I also saw that I might be getting a itchy sweater.

Let's use the famous BHB post game Cheers and Jeers on what I liked and didn't:

  • Michigan RB's are deep and elite.   Any of those guys can play and be the starter. What a luxury! 
  • The young WR's are dynamic.   Tarik Black is going to play and play a lot!  He looked like a junior out there not a high school senior.   DPJ caught a few balls but we will keep that gift under wraps for a few more months.   Hello walk-on Nate Schoenle!  I had never heard of this guy before Saturday and now he could be the starting slot WR.  He played great! 
  • On a very windy day, I liked the ball that Brandon Peters was throwing.  He also made a great decision on a rushing TD.
  • The TE's are going to play well and there are a ton of them.   Gentry started the game with a long TD and a nice move to miss a defender.   Nick Eubanks had a couple grabs and a couple drops.  The word is he is having some issues catching the ball.   I didn't even see Bunting in there and he might be the best TE on the roster.
  • Quinn Nordin bombed a long field goal!
  • The defensive line pressured the QB pretty much non-stop.   They will continue to be one of the best units in the country for the second straight year.
  • Khaleke Hudson isn't Peppers but he might be very good.   He seemed to be all over the place in the Viper role and looks very physical.
  • I also loved how Devin Bush played.   He rushed the passer and covered the field well.   Don Brown will find a place for him to play.  Whether it's the Will or Middle LB.
  • Keith Washington hasn't been getting any press during Spring Ball but I thought he was one of the better CB's on the day.  Benjamin St-Juste also made some nice plays and was in the right position on a couple catches.   He is going to be good. 
  • Please keep making Glasgows! Jordan had a 100 yard pick 6! 

  • I would have given Wilton a D- grade on the day.   I know it was very windy and the Michigan defense probably knows many of the plays they are running but he looked like a freshman not a senior.   That knock on the door is Mr. Peters.
  • Injuries:  JBB, Dwumfour and J'Marick Woods sat out of the scrimmage because they were "banged up".   Jon Runyan Jr. and McDoom both went out with leg injuries during the game.   Let's hope neither are serious.  Drake Harris and Alex Malzone weren't dressed either.
  • It's really hard for me to say how the offensive line played but I thought they did much better on running plays then pass protection.   I think I saw a little Greg Frey influence on a few of those run blocks/plays. 

Recruiting Highlights:
  • DTR loved his visit and is now down to 2 schools.  Michigan and UCLA, he will announce his decision on Sunday night. His teammate Brevin Jordan committed to Miami after the visit.  
  • Michigan seemed to make a big impression on  Houston 4 star TE Mustapha Muhammad.  I would put him on commit watch.
  • Guys who visited and also had a good time include:  Grand Rapids Catholic Central 2018 OT Jalen Mayfield, OL Tyrone Sampson and a number of 2019 guys.


ScottyDoggs said...

According to Bob and Timbuk 3 "The future so bright...I gotta wear shades"

Tim said...

I realize this was one spring game and I do not want to get the cart in front of the horse and I am not calling for Wilton to be benched.

Just throwing this out Stanford Tavita Prichard took the starting reigns in 2007 due to injury of starter. He stared 9 games in 2007, all 12 games in 2008...and then benched for Andrew Luck in 2009.

Again, not comparing Peters to Luck and I realize these are two different situations, but simply stating Harbaugh has benched starters with experience before.

Scott K said...

Put a functional Oline in front of Wilt, and he'll have another great season.

Go Blue.
Peters will get his shot, he just needs to wait another year.

Unknown said...

Keep in mind Speight saw CONSTANT pressure throughout the game a Peters saw minimal...Speight was up against arguably the best D line in the country and Peters was not...all that being said Peyers is ine hell of an athlete but I doubt he starts this year...kind of hope he would but its doubtful!

Cormac said...

This also applies to a LOT of other places, but in this case, the most popular person is the backup QB.

Bob said...

It's hard to bench a guy with a year playing experience but we need Wilton to step up and play well in Fall Camp and against Florida. Florida will be higher ranked then Michigan and they won't have forgotten what we did to them in the Citrus Bowl a couple of years ago. That will be one of the biggest games of the year and it happens to be the first one.