Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: The Big Ten Bumps It's Head and Michigan Adds a Max Preps All American

The Big 10 is trying too hard to innovate.   Yes, they were the leader in the clubhouse with BTN but since then they are treading water and taking a deaf ear to other issues knocking at its door. 

The Big 10 stupidly announced many months ago that they were going to put Big Ten games on Friday night.  Why?  They were looking for a football window where fans might be interested in Illinois vs. Purdue.   Sorry Big Ten that just isn't going to happen.   Michigan and Penn State came out against it immediately and now the Big Ten is going to scale it way back. 

Friday night doesn't make sense for a number of reasons. The Big 10 doesn't need to compete with high school football.  It also kills a recruiting weekend.  Kids can't come in for a game as they are playing on Friday.  Not to mention the fans, who many travel to games and won't be able to tailgate, etc. 

Leave Friday night football to the MAC or West Coast teams.  To the Big 10's credit, at least they backtrack a bad idea quickly (# Leaders and Legends).

  • Walk-on Alert! Harbaugh doesn't sleep and that comes through when he adds a 2017 PWO in April.   Michigan added FB/LB Matt Brown from Solon, Ohio.  Matt was headed to Quinnipiac to play college lacrosse and on Monday he changed his mind to become a Wolverine.   Matt is 6'0 and 220 pounds and was named the 2016 OHSAA defensive player of the year.   He was also named to the Max Preps All American Team that included a number of 4 and 5 star guys (DPJ and Aubrey Solomon was on it!).   This guy sounds like a complete steal and I expect to see him at FB and on special teams on Saturdays in the future.  Update: he was also the AP and USA Today's Ohio defensive player of the year.  How in the world didn't he at least get a MAC offer?

  • How bad was the National Championship game last night?  Too many fouls and very poor shooting!

  • I wonder if Brian Kelly has a clock in his office at ND? His time at ND is ticking away.   He just threw his former player and QB under the bus right before the NFL Draft.   Hey kids, come to ND where you head coach will always support you!  (He does say some good things about Kiser but as he knows, its the needing to grow on and off the field quote that is going to make headlines)

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