Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Darn It Jabrill

I hated to hear the news yesterday that Jabrill tested positive for a diluted sample at the NFL Combine.   As you know, the NFL considers a diluted sample a positive test.   Peppers camp is saying that Jabrill was under the weather that week and cramping and killed at ton of waters and Gatorade.   Either way, this doesn't help his draft stock.   I hope he decides not to attend the Draft.

  • Jimmy gets in trouble for playing catch in a Shopping Mall in Rome. 

  • Jake Long after years of injuries and being the #1 pick in 2008, officially retires from the NFL.

  • Michigan Basketball is going to take a Grad Transfer from a Point Guard from Ohio named Jaaron Simmons.  He seems like he has been a volume shooter on a team that didn't have a ton of scorers.   He averaged 16 points and 6 assists per game.  Read more about him at UMhoops.

  • Since DTR is headed to UCLA, Michigan is down to Florida's Joe Milton and Arizona's Tyler Shough.  The Crystal Balls have been favoring Michigan for Joe and Tyler just got a visit from Pep before the Rome trip.   There is some buzz that Michigan might take both, which seems a bit strange with limited spots in this class.

  • With Will Mallory headed to Miami, Michigan's TE sights are set on Mustapha Muhammad (who could be a silent) and Jeremy Ruckert who could be down to Michigan and OSU.