Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Let's Talk About The Offensive Line and Young WR's

Michigan's biggest weakness maybe has the biggest guys.  The offense line is a unit that under achieved last year and probably cost Michigan a playoff spot.   So Saturday was the first real public outing on what the new line might look like next season. 

The starting offensive line on Saturday looked like this:  Cole/Bredeson/Kugler/Onwenu/Runyan Jr..
It seems that Cole move to Left Tackle (from Center) is now in cement and the coaches are more comfortable with Bredeson at Guard rather then Right Tackle.

JBB was banged up and is expected to be the starter at Right Tackle.   If Jon Jr. can be a backup or a quality co-starter, that is a huge bonus for offensive line that is very light on the depth chart.  Cesar Ruiz from all reports is football ready and will play a big role at the center position.  He also played a little Guard in the second half as well.  

Another guy that Mgoblog picked up on is the play of walk-on Andrew Vastardis.  He played well with the second team on Saturday.   Michigan also has 3 guys coming in this summer as true freshman: Andy Stueber, Joel Honigford and Chuck Filiaga.   Chuck is rumored to be the most "football ready" of the three.   Having Vastardis and Jon Jr. in the mix will help the depth chart and take some pressure off Chuck being game ready for Dallas.

Michigan's Wide Receivers:

Do you remember when Michigan had a hard time finding elite WR's because we ran the ball too much?   I still don't think we truly understand how great this WR class really is and some of the great players we have already.

Crawford - Didn't play much which seems to be a good sign that he is a starter and the coaches have seen enough. 

McDoom - Played and got hurt - hopefully it's not serious. 

DP-J - Has been getting a ton of buzz and we saw a couple of glimpses on Saturday.  Huge ceiling here.

Black - Played great and was a difference maker on the jump ball.  We will see him a lot this fall.

The Nates:  Johnson had a tough day with two fumbles (one being a dropped punt) but walk-on Schoenle came out of nowhere and had a huge day with a couple of big catches.  

Let's not us forget what we still having coming this summer:

Nico Collins is a big body and will play a role in this offense.  

Oliver Martin - maybe heading for a redshirt if the McDoom isn't hurt seriously and if Grant Perry gets his East Lansing situation resolved and comes off suspension.

Brad Hawkins is probably headed for the defensive backfield now.  

Are the old men out:  Drake Harris and Moe Ways?  I'm sure they will find a way to use Moe, I'm concerned about Drake's health. 

Either way Jimmy and Pep have a ton of weapons to use this year and Michigan might light of the scoreboard if we get some good QB play. 

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