Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Drake Moving to CB

There has been concerns about Drake Harris that injuries and depth chart might make Drake look to leave Ann Arbor.  We didn't see much from him this spring and Michigan recruited 100 wide receiver's in the last recruiting class.

He announced on twitter yesterday that he is moving to CB.   Drake is 6'4 and if he can make this work, he will have a huge upside at this position.  I think the main issue is staying healthy and getting a bunch of reps this summer/fall.  

I was really excited when Drake announced he was coming to Michigan as I thought he would be a game changer.   Let's hope he still does that but now on the defense.

  • It's looking very likely that Michigan - OSU will be on Fox this year.   Some people are calling for an 8:00 game.   I don't believe that will ever happen and Michigan under Harbaugh has not played well at night.   Losses of the top of my head include: Utah, Iowa, and the Orange Bowl.  Michigan should of won all 3 of those games.   Jimmy seems to like 12:00 kicks. 

  • MDen has purchased Moe's and now there will be only one Michigan vendor in A2.  I wonder if the MDen will keep the legendary Moe's name?

  • Grand Rapids 2018 4 star OL Jalen Mayfield is now the #1 player in the state to 24/7.

  • AZ QB Tyler Shough is expected to visit IU this weekend and CAL in a few weeks, then make a decision this summer.  My guess is he would commit sooner rather then later as Michigan has a very small class and already has an athlete committed at the position.

  • The Athletic Department wants to put nearly $15M into Schembechler Hall. 

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