Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Reading The Tea Leaves on The Starting QB

Spring Practice is over and we have seen Wilton struggle in the Spring Game and Brandon Peters show some serious QB skills.   John O'Korn is also in the discussion and seems to have been pretty consistent during spring ball.

Here is my take on reading as much as I can on the QB's this spring.   All the QB's have looked good and pretty bad in practices this Spring.   The defense knows the offensive plays pretty well at this point and have been picking off each QB pretty regularly. 

If the performance of all 3 guys calls for a Push, then the clear starter is Wilton.   Jimmy won't pull him unless the performance of another guy out weighs his one year of experience.   At this point in the off season we are not there and if the Wolverines had a game this Saturday, Wilton would be the starter.

Can Peters or O'Korn catch him this summer?  Sure, but that seems doubtful at this point and I think we all should be prepared for Wilton year 2 in Dallas against the Gators.   I sure hope his deep ball is better and can help his young WR's with some accurate throws. 

  • Michigan TE prospect Jeremy Ruckert who maybe down to a Michigan and OSU decision was invited to Nike's Opening after a great performance last weekend at NJ's Regional Camp.   Many consider Jeremy as the top TE in the country and maybe a reason why the Wolverines slow played Will Mallory. 

  • You normally don't see major universities make acquisitions too often or ever.   Purdue is acquiring for profit Kaplan University.   That will increase Purdue's enrollment by 32,000 students and gives them a share of the adult education market.

  • Four-star RB Keaontay Ingram face timed with Jimmy while he was in Rome.

  • 4-Star WR Jahan Dotson who is planning a visit to A2 this month, is down to a final 3 of Michigan, OSU and Penn State.   His is expected to announce a decision after the Michigan visit.

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Voice of Reason said...

That Purdue acquisition of Kaplan University is interesting indeed. It does significantly increase their enrollment numbers and the adult education market as you've stated. Even though there is no known athletics at these campus sites, it also by default gives them a footprint in those states (Iowa, Nebraska, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Wisconsin) fifteen campus sites in all, if they have a plan to reach out to indigenous student athletes that may want or need a leg up academically before transferring to their main campus. I am not sure what the NCAA policy would be on something like this but it would be interesting none the less. IMHO!!!