Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wolverine Wednesday: Mayfield Picks Michigan

It was the worst kept secret in the state that Jalen Mayfied was going to pick Michigan last night.   As soon as Michigan offered, he dumped his commitment to "Rowing the Boat" and took a serious look at the Wolverines.

Jalen has mixed ratings: 24/7 and Scouts have him as a solid 4 star prospect.   ESPN and Rivals haven't really scouted him yet and have Jalen as a non descript 3 star.   With his commitment, I expect both ESPN and Rivals to evaluate the soon to be senior and push his ratings up.

Jalen is 6'5 and 255 which is a little light for a OT in Ann Arbor, which means he is closer to his basement then his ceiling.   Getting him on campus to work with Greg Frey is going to be key for his development.   Greg seems to like these type of players and turning them into NFL prospects.   Jalen also plays basketball which means he is in solid shape and not bulking up.   Jalen is pretty much guaranteed a red shirt during his freshman year.

Jalen's offers were from mostly Midwest schools like MSU, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, the MAC, Syracuse, Pitt and Arizona out West.

Mayfield is the 9th commit to the class.  Traverse City OL Ryan Hayes is expected to commit before the season starts as well.    I'm also holding out hope that IMG "Andre the Giant like" Daniel Faalele who is 6'9 and 400 pounds will consider Michigan.

1:00 Update:  Wagner is staying at Michigan and Wilson seems to be is staying in the NBA Draft.   Ben Mason could move to FB.   It's rumored Wilson has a first round guarantee from Utah with the 30th pick.  

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Scott K said...

Staying another year would do a lot more for DJ than sitting the bench in the D league, in my opinion. I gotta believe that #1, there's a sizable difference in $$ from the top half of the first round to the bottom half. And, #2. Getting drafted in the first round is one thing, having a chance to develop further getting starter minutes in D1 vs getting bench minutes in D League doesn't seem like a really difficult choice.

I wish DJ well, but I think he ends up with a couple years like GRIII and Big Mitch.
Glad Mo is back!