Friday, June 16, 2017

Michigan Friday: Interesting News and Notes

  • Louisville Basketball is being punished for having a prostitute in the dorms entertaining recruits.  They might have to vacate some wins including the National Championship game against Michigan in 2013.   Does that mean, Michigan would be the National Champion that year?  No, the history books will show there wasn't a winner in the game.    I think we should claim as the National Champion that year!  Give Spike the MVP!  Side Note: NCAA if you really want to penalize a University for cheating, take away their National Championship and give it to the team they played and followed the rules.

  • Speaking of Michigan Basketball, they got a 2019 commit in Clarkston big man Taylor Currie.  Taylor is 6'8 and probably has a few inches still to grow still.   He is young big man that rebounds and can shoot the 3.   Many of the 2019 rating are not in yet but Scout has him as an early 4 star.

  • Michigan lost a QB recruit last night when Tyler Shough committed to North Carolina.   I hear the reason he committed was he knew the "Ceiling is the Roof" when it comes to Carolina Football.   Michigan was in early on Tyler who grew up a Michigan fan, my guess is he has a clearer route to playing time at NC over Michigan.    In Ann Arbor, there are going to be guys with the names of Milton and McCaffrey in his way to playing time.

  • Michigan's Band will be heading to Dallas for the opener against Florida.

  • 2018 3-star OT Raiqwon O'Neal has a Michigan offer and is expected on campus for a visit next week.

  • Top ranked 2019 TE Grayson Boomer visited Ann Arbor yesterday and was offered.

  • I'm a sucker for these types of photos.  I love that Coach Mattison had his DL unit over for dinner.  Lawrence Marshall looks huge! I also like seeing Aubrey Solomon in the photo. 
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ScottyDoggs said...

I have been meaning to say this for a few days and finally getting around to it... But, when Harbaugh was Hired, Michigan State was tough, and Penn State reeling and damaged goods.

Anybody out there predict that today Michigan State is in serious condition (almost life support).....Penn state ranked high in top ten preseason...WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT! Not me, or the "not me" ghost from family Circle cartoon.

footbalx61 said...

Where is Corey Malone-Hatcher?

Bob said...

Good Question on Corey Malone-Hatcher. It is odd that he didn't make dinner.

SD- I'm still not sold on Penn State after that performance in the Big House last season, with that said, it is going to be a tough win for Michigan in Happy Valley at night next season. Next year is really going to ride on how Wilton plays and if the young WR's are really elite and ready to play. Love our RB's but worried about the offensive line.

Victor Lacca said...

Uhh, Bryan Mone??

Rudy said...

What do you feed a bunch of dudes like that? You just bring the cows right in and butcher them there and start cooking?