Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: David Dawson Out At Iowa State

David Dawson the 4 star offensive lineman that decided to leave Michigan as a graduate transfer is no longer with Iowa State.    In a text to The Register Monday night, (head coach) Campbell said that Dawson has been "gone a couple weeks to think about (his decision)." Apparently, Dawson figured it's time to move on with his life.  "Better it happens now than during the season," Campbell said.

We wish David good luck in the next chapter of life.

  • 3 unidentified MSU football players have been charged with sexual assault in East Lansing for a crime that was committed in January of this year.   The names will most likely come out in the next few days.  Update: The names are out and the players have been dismissed from the team.  Please read at your own discretion as the content is graphic and not for young readers.

  • Thad Matta was surprisingly fired from OSU yesterday.  He had the best Big Ten winning percentage of any coach that has been in role for at least 10 years.   OSU Basketball missed the tourney the last two year and recruiting has been down.

  • Michigan coaches will do USC's camp on 6/11 instead of UCLA's.

  • 2018 RB Mychale Salahuddin is considering Michigan.

  • Jimmy and Pep got to coach QB commit Joe Milton yesterday at the FAU Camp.


Tim said...

As most of you probably know now the MSU players were: Josh King, Demetric Vance and Donnie Corley. They had big hopes with Corley. That is a big hit.

My question: they were dismissed, but what are odds they come back? Wastn't Perry dismissed and now back?

How are these different?

Just curious...

Bob said...

Perry was suspended from all team activities. The article I linked said that the MSU players are gone for good from MSU.

Tim said...

Got it...thank you

ScottyDoggs said...

Seems to me, after reading what Bob and Tim said about suspended players, and not as good recruiting of late; that Michigan State is becoming irrelevant. When Harbaugh was hired everyone thought it would be a three-way battle, now it's just MIch, OSU, and the occasional other big ten team that raises it's ugly head (PSU)?

Is it last year for Michigan State coach? few years ago, he was the pick of the litter, now something you might scrap off your shoe, when you say "oh Shucks".