Friday, July 21, 2017

Michigan Friday: A Frozen Nutt at Ole Miss

We all could see this coming.   Back in the 2013 recruiting class it looked like Laquan Treadwell was heading to Ann Arbor to fix all of our WR problems.   He surprisingly committed to Ole Miss and posted on social media a photo holding a ton of money.  Ole Miss had a great recruiting class that year and everyone and their brother knew they were paying recruits.   After more and more issues popped up, including the NFL Draft night photos and text messages about Laremy Tunsil taking money from coaches and doing drugs, the NCAA finally woke up and did an investigation.  

What was the strategy with the NCAA?  It was to protect Hugh Freeze and the current staff and run the bus over former head man Houston Nutt.   Hugh as you might remember from the comments about taking time away from his family about Jimmy's Satellite Camps a few summers ago. 

This strategy of blaming Nutt was a strange one as most Universities are willing to fire their head coach hoping the NCAA goes soft on them.   Ole Miss went the other direction and tried to protect Hugh Freeze.

Guess who wasn't a big fan of this strategy? Houston Nutt who filed a law suit against Ole Miss after it was clear he was going to be the fall guy.

Houston Nutt resigned from Arkansas (Nutt left Arkansas to go to Ole Miss) due to his own text issue, as he had 2000 texts to a local news anchor he was rumored to be having an affair with.  Nutt spent 4 years at Ole Miss with his last two years (2010-2011) going 1-15 in the SEC.  He was fired in November 2011 and Freeze took over.

So what prompted Hugh Freeze to resign yesterday, 6 weeks before the season and after SEC Media Day?

During the investigation into Ole Miss, Nutt's attorney found a strange 313 Detroit phone number on Freeze's phone record.   After some research, they found that number was to a Tampa based escort service.   The day Freeze was speaking at SEC Media days, Nutt's attorney sent that information to the leaders at Ole Miss.  

Hugh Freeze resigns yesterday and declines to have ever called an escort service.  Game over.

  • Reports are that former NFL personnel guy Tom Gamble who worked with Jimmy in San Francisco is coming to Ann Arbor to work on Jimmy's non-coaching staff.   Probably in a recruiting or operations role.

  • Jourdan Lewis's trial starts on Monday.  I'm surprised they couldn't plea this out before going to trial.   They expect the trial to only last a couple of days and probably be wrapped up on Tuesday.

  • The recruitment of IN LB Cameron McGrone and NJ Athlete Shayne Simon seem to be coming down to Michigan vs. ND battle.  The Fighting Irish are having a surprisingly good year on the recruiting trail coming off a losing record and a coach on the hot seat.


ScottyDoggs said...

Not trying to interject politics into this football blog... but is Freeze and Trump from the same pea-pod? Good Lord!

Dvzk said...

@scottydoggs you clearly knew what you posted here didn't belong here before you posted it! Leave the politics to ESPN and their falling ratings please I beg you.

ScottyDoggs said...

Dvzk... To make your request much more valid, you should have used the magic words "Twin Pines" from the "bozo the Clown show" broadcast in Detroit Mich in the late 60's. {{LOL}}.. more persuasive then begging, roof Roof!

Cormac said...

@scottdogs, your inane comments don't belong here. Post over at!

ScottyDoggs said...

What I said "boys was not a political statement ,but a comparison of two low-lifes...
We all admired Bo and Harbaugh because of their "success" achieved by hard work and untouchable god ethics.

Honestly, you cannot completely ignore politics, it's still not completely dichotomous from football

Example (1) Lou Holtz use to battle Bo just as fierce as Woody Hayes''' Lou spoke at the republican convention and made some inane comments... Lou said: I don't want to learn your language, and absolutely do not want to watch your soccer games" Like some body is going to make him, and that's kind of racist... is that okay with you.
Example (2): Brady is Trump's friend, it made the news many times wondering if he voted for Trump.

You can not arbitrarily separate football from regular life... A major war is coming (could be soon) or later, but is inevitable like the sunrise in the morning. We have been taught that the USA wins every war, but the next one could be a toss up or defeat, do you not think that football will be affected, or shut down!

My comment was only a light-hearted joke, only one... I could see the beef, if I continually said stuff... I sincerely say , that I will give you my address if you want to discuss this further, or if you have a sand burr bothering your rear, I can remove it with a swift kick with a cowboy boot.
I believe you guy's are "babes in the woods, thumb suckers... I have read over one hundred books on Hitler, ad what were going thru is scary similar. I lost many unknown relatives in WWII...
It's up to Bob, If he said Scott, quit posting... Your bothering everybody... I would honor his request and stop. Anyways as good as this blog is a post is rare like a snowy owl in the lower 48 states.. this blog is to good not to here from more folks... I admit many times I do not have the knowledge on Michigan that some of you have, some of that is from a defense Mechanism, when Michigan "bite the Big One" under Rod, and Hokey.
If was just a little itsy bitsy comment, nothing to get shook up about, What do the English say ... (this is for you two "piss off"

Dvzk said...

@scottydoggs everyone on the right is always Hitler lol. Sorry but that play book is old Saul Alinsky and Geobbels would be proud of you. I won't return to this comment section since it's now polluted by Fake news and YOU

Goose said...

TRUMP 2020! & GO BLUE.

ScottyDoggs said...

I apologize for all the havoc that I have caused I am truly sorry... all this fake news and false allegations, Has our beloved (Useless) president backed into a corner... we must help!!

Felicia, man the street corners... even though your probably "thick", somebody will pay you something for your Lipps (services), and send this money to aid our beleaguered leader. Try not to catch any diseases.
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Let's help our misunderstood president. To hell with ScottyDoggs - go Trumpsky!

Scott K said...

40 days til kick off,