Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wolverine Wednesday: Michigan Loses a Big Piece From the 2017 Class

Nike Opening
I hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth of July Holiday!

Corey Malone-Hatcher enrolled in January and was expected to make an impact on field this fall.  He was a 4 star DE from St. Joseph, Michigan.    Yesterday, instead of enjoying fireworks with his family and friends, he announced he was retiring from football.   As he said on Twitter, he hurt his Achilles in September 2015 and it hasn't responded like it should have.   He met with the Michigan trainers and Doctors and they made a joint decision to take a Medical Redshirt.   Which means he can stay on full scholarship and get his degree but he can never play for the Wolverines.   If your wondering what type of prospect CMH was, he had offers from the likes of Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, ND and many more programs.

This comes as shock as I wasn't hearing anything close to this.   Many players are hurt after spring ball and this is a real loss for the Wolverines and for this young man.   Don Brown even said," he was banged up" after the Spring Game and CMH also confirmed he played on a leg 1/2 his entire senior year of high school.  I congratulate him on making a very difficult decision as a true freshman and I hope he knows that the Michigan fans and faithful support him!

From the deep 2017 class Michigan will now look to Vilain, Paye, Irving-Bey, and Jeter as DE's that will either look to redshirt or see the field next season as a Freshman.  A couple of those guys are probably heading towards a DT then a DE.

  • Mark Snyder from the Freep is leaving journalism and will be doing something else from here on out.  

  • Watch a few clips of Michigan commit Emil Ekiyor at Nike's Opening
  • Derrick Walton is averaging 10 points per game, with 3 boards and 3 assists in the Summer League.  Hopefully, he is turning heads with the Magic and other NBA Scouts.

  • The nation's top-ranked 2019 TE Jeremy Ruckert has a final 4 of Michigan, Wisconsin, ND and OSU.  He will announce his decision in a week or two.


ScottyDoggs said...

Injuries are a major factor in a winning season... a rash of injuries can neuter a potent team. Hatcher got a bum deal in life, but seems like he's mentally handling it well.

Just reminds me of Michigan State... their team is running on a razor thin number of players available. Any significant amount of injuries. and they will have to look in the stands for replacements. (kind of like a Who concert where they got a replacement drummer out of the crowd, for Keith Moon... when he passed out)

Tim said...

Any thoughts on what happens to this scholarship? Does Jimmy bank for next year, use on a walk-on or use on a guy like Drake Johnson?

Cormac said...

CMH gets to keep his scholarship. That's the rule when you medically "retire".

Dvzk said...

Player keeps scholarship but it no longer counts against the 85 allotted football scholarships!