Monday, August 7, 2017

Michigan Monday: Camp Rumblings and A Family of 5 Stars

First things first: We are less then a month away from the start of the college football season and Michigan is playing in one of the great match-ups of the year in week one.   The #9 ranked Wolverines will take on #16 Florida Gators in Dallas.  

Fall camp started a week ago today and we want need camp updates.   Confirmed Michigan Insider UMBIG11 who contributes to Mgoblog and Touch the Banner gave us a little taste of what is going on in the Submarine.   I have given you a few highlights here:

  • Wilton is clearly the #1 QB.  #2 is still up for grabs.  
  • Higdon and Evans are competing for the #1 RB job, Isaac is also looking good.
  • Starting WR's won't be decided until closer to the game.
  • Kugler seems to be the starter at center
  • Michigan is working on the 4 wide, quick drop and pass offense during this camp.  (My guess is Pep is leading this offensive tweak)
  • Kemp is standing out on defense
  • LB's are good and athletic, Hudson is standing out.
  • Metellus and Kinnel are locks at safety.
  • CB's is still very competitive.
I love this kind of stuff!  :)

A Family of 5 Stars:

If you haven't gotten this feeling yet, you should:  Michigan's 2019 class might be one of the best recruiting classes in the country! 

Michigan already has two 4 stars and now two 5 stars already committed.   The latest news came on Saturday night when Chris Hinton Jr. the #9 ranked player in the country (to 24/7 composite) committed to the Wolverines.  Both of Michigan's 5 star commits are Juniors (a trend to keep an eye on! :).

Chris's father is a 7 time NFL pro bowler Chris Hinton Sr. played on the offensive line with Jimmy in Indy.  Chris Jr. is a 2019 DE/OT 5 star prospect just committed to the Wolverines over the weekend and his brother Myles Hinton in a 2020 OT prospect who many expect to also be a 5 star.   That is one talented family and goes to Jimmy's deep relationships he has from his playing days. 

Did I mention that the Hinton's live in Georgia?  A state that historically hasn't been good to U of M but under Jimmy has been a nice pipeline (7 players). 

Michigan was Chris Jr.'s first and favorite offer.  He starting showing his dominance in camps over a year ago and the Wolverines quickly offered.   Then the likes of #everyone offered including:  Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford, Tennessee, USC, Duke, Maryland, Miami, Michigan State, Mississippi State, UNC, Northwestern, Ole Miss, Rutgers, South Carolina, and Virginia Tech.  He is a 5 star to both Rivals and Scouts.  ESPN hasn't rated any 2019 guys yet and 24/7 has him as a high 4 star and a top 100 player.

Chris is 6'4 and 265 and still has two years of high school football to play before he gets to Ann Arbor.  He is already a monster on the defensive line but many expect his position at the next level is at offensive tackle like his talented father.  We are still two plus years away from needing to make that decision.

What would Fred Jackson say:  Chris like his father is destined to play on Sunday's and will be a superstar in Ann Arbor under Greg Mattison and Don Brown if the Wolverines elect to play him on defense.   He reminds me of a former 5 star that we messed up in Big Will Campbell who could of played on either side of the ball and spent way too much time on the defensive line in Ann Arbor.   Chris will have a better career at Michigan as the coaching is light years better then what Will had.


Voice of Reason said...

Nice post, I read the post for umbig11 and it is helpful to have someone who is inside of the submarine and allowed by the coaches to share whats going on in practice.

It looks like the defense will be fine, and the CB position will catch up in time as they gain more experience throughout the season. The offense seems to have potential to be very good but as we know sometimes the offense may need a few games or so to get their timing down, etc., etc. etc. until they get up to speed with the defense.

I am still encouraged for this team and season. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

Its nice being able to expect improvement as the season goes on. That's normal, unfortunately we had a long spell of 'sub-normal'.

I believe this Dline will be every bit as dominate as last years was, giving the secondary a little room to adjust and learn. The indication that the passing game is going to use a lot of high percentage short routes is something that can really set the table to stretch the field when the time is right.

26 days 'til kickoff!


This is the season to shock the world.