Monday, August 21, 2017

Michigan Monday: McElwain Talks Trash and Some Camp Notes

The reason Florida is a scary team is because they have athletes at every position.  It was a little like Michigan playing FSU in the Orange Bowl last year.   FSU won by one point and the reason was the athletes on the field.

I can tell you one thing, Michigan has a better coaching staff then Florida's.  Jimmy proved that in the Citrus Bowl a couple years ago.   Florida might have had the better team that day but those players weren't interested in being there and got beat 41-7.  Jim McElwain is no Jim Harbaugh and we know too well about Florida's OC in Doug Nussmeier.   With that said, McElwain gave the Wolverines some mid-August motivation this weekend when he was addressing a group of students:  “And you know what, we’re heading to Dallas here in a couple weeks to go beat the heck out of Michigan and then come back to you guys.”   Sounds like McElwain will have his team ready to play in two weeks.

Camp Notes from Sam Webb's free update: Highlights below:

-Khaleke Hudson and Josh Metellus practice hype.
-Brandon Watson is making a move at CB.  He has the most game experience.  (some of it pretty bad)
-Nolan Ulizio has been getting some 1st team reps on the OL.
-More buzz about Ty Isaac (I'm ready for Ty to have a break out year)
-Michigan is working on both Wilton Speight and John O’Korn working outside the pocket.

  • RR is taking MSU transfer Thiyo Lukusa.

  • Mike Riley (Nebraska head coach) sent his entire team to a Kendrick Lamar concert this weekend.

  • The Rise of Coach James Franklin at Penn State.   After Penn State left Ann Arbor last year there was talk Franklin might be fired that week.   His in game coaching for many was not poor it was terrible.   Then they go on a win streak, beat Ohio State on a blocked field goal, win the Big Ten, and end up in the Rose Bowl.   This weekend he signed a new 6 year contract.   I will just list these here for reference from last year:
Lost 39-42 to Pitt
Win 34-27 to Temple
Lost 10-49 to Michigan
Win  29-26 to Minnesota in OT

I tip my hat to Penn State last year, they got very hot, got into the Big Championship game and ended up losing a close game in the Rose Bowl.   If I'm on the Penn State leadership team, I would wait at least one more season before signing up a guy you were close to firing last season.   On a side note, ND just stopped paying Charlie Weis. 


Tim said...

Thanks Bob. Good post.

I read the link and someone there asked about Hurst. Something about a rumored knee injury. Have you heard this?

Scott K said...

12 days...... Go Blue!

Bob said...

I haven't heard a thing about Big Mo and knee. I hope it isn't true, he could be an All American this year!