Thursday, August 10, 2017

Michigan Thursday: The New Nike Michigan Trainer

These were actually released last week to the media and I missed it.   This is Nike's latest Michigan Trainer, each Nike school will have this shoes with their specific team colors. 

Nike Free Trainer V7 Week Zero (Michigan) Men's Training Shoe
Nike Free Trainer V7 Week Zero.  They will be released for sale on Monday.   Price is $110.

  • Logan Tuley-Tillman will play is final college season in El Paso at UTEP.

  • Jimmy was rated as the Most Over Rated Head Coach in college football by a coaches survey from CBS Sports.  #Jealous

  • Pep had some good things to say about Michigan's new true freshman QB Dylan McCaffrey:  "Oh wow -- he's a smart kid, smart kid," Hamilton said on Wednesday. "His football IQ is off the chart, which is what you would really expect from a kid that grew up in a football family. And he's been very impressive up until this point."


Tim said...

Totally agree, Jimmy being #1 as most overrated was driven by jealousy. Did you see who #2 was? Nick Saban. Not sure how anyone could say he is overrated.

Voice of Reason said...

In understanding human nature, this over rated poll confirms that Harbaugh and Saban are just as good as advertised. No one spends time talking about the program or the coach that are perennial cellar dwellers. No one talks about how the coach of the Cleveland Browns Hue Jackson is doing; no they're busy talking about how New England's coach Bill Belichick is doing because they say he cheats. Why, because no one wants to be Hue Jackson, they all want to be Bill Belichick. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

they hate him.....cuz they ain't him....