Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Day 1 Video and Welcomes Cam McGrone Properly

Michigan Football is up to 3 commits from the BBQ this past weekend.   That makes the cost of those hot dogs, burgers and chicken worth it.   The latest commit is a guy that will be on campus the soonest with 2018 LB Cameron McGrone.   Cam is 6'2 and 215 pounds and ran a 4.67 at the Opening.

Cameron McGrone has been a bit under the radar for the recruiting services if a Nike Opening invite can be.   Scout has him #330 player, Rivals doesn't have him in the top 250, ESPN doesn't have him in their top 300 and 24/7 just move him up 92 spots and have him ranked #40 in the country.   He is a 4 star to all the services and I expect him to move up in the overall player rankings on Scouts, Rivals and ESPN.

Cam tore his ACL in his last game of his junior year and was a bit late on the camp circuit.  He responded/healed very quickly from his injury and attended the Nike Opening regional and got an invite to the Opening finals.   McGrone participated in Nike's Opening early in July and it was clear he was one of the top LB's in the country.

The one group that wasn't under evaluating Cam was college programs.   Cam had 21 offers which included the likes of:  Iowa, Louisville, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Duke, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue, and Syracuse.  His final two were Michigan and ND. 

I have a new feature with commitments I would like to add.  It's called: what would Fred Jackson say?  Fred was the long time RB coach at Michigan and was famous for overstating a players ability.   For example, he would say Player X is like Barry Sanders but fast

What would Fred Jackson say:   Cam is a lighting bolt as an inside linebacker, he can sack the QB off the edge or stop at RB at the line of scrimmage.  He reminds me of Jets/NE LB David Harris but lighter. 

Welcome Cam!

  • Here are some highlights from Practice #1.  I loved the final footage of Jimmy working with brand new QB Dylan McCaffrey on foot work.  Looks like the submarine might be docked right now.

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