Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wolverine Wednesday: Official Offers Went Out Yesterday

There are way too many verbal agreements in college football recruiting.   Schools verbally offer kids and the kids verbally commit to their favorite school.  Both sides can change their minds at anytime and many times they do. 

On August 1st every year, college programs send their official offer letters to recruits.  The verbal offer from the school becomes a bit more solid.   Here is an example of what Michigan sent recruits.

Please note the 3 bullet points on the offer.   These are clear ways a program can back away from a player that might have issues in the classroom or issues on or off the field.

What is new about this years offers is, kids can use the early signing period to stop the recruiting process from other programs even if they are not enrolling in January.  Myles Sims who received the above letter will officially sign on December 21st.

Side Note:  ECU sent out pirate scrolls, which is a pretty cool idea.

  • The NCAA made a UCF kicker pick between his YouTube channel where he makes money or playing college football.  He picked the YouTube channel and the NCAA made him ineligible.   The NCAA will need to wake up because this issue is not going away and will only get larger.

  • Every year they have this article where Big 10 coaches speak anonymously about other programs.  This was the time when former Purdue head coach Joe Tiller would make some stupid comments about Michigan (please note, we only assume it was Joe making those comments).  This year it seems Michigan got a couple good remarks.   This is my favorite as it goes to the strong off the field staff that Jimmy has hired:  "They’re scouting opponents better than anyone in our league. They’re at Alabama’s level of prep and analysis, and as they’ve started to fit talent you’re seeing the effects. It’s hard to surprise them."  When Jimmy can rely on his staff to scout and help game plan for opponents, he and his on field coaching staff can spend more time developing the Wolverine players.


Scott K said...

The comment about Wilton had to come from coach grumpy in east landfill. lol

31 days til kick off


Voice of Reason said...

You know in reading the anonymous comments from the other coaches it is clear to me that they are watching Michigan's Jim Harbaugh very closely and know that there is a method and purpose to his madness. Everything he touches turns to gold and they expect to see gold in Ann Arbor. They are afraid that Michigan could be at the level of Alabama with their infrastructure that they could only dream about, and he's done it without cheating. Successful coaches pay close attention to detail and bring in the best personnel. IMHO!!!