Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wolverine Wednesday: Spending a Year With Jimmy

Could you imagine trying to keep up with Jim Harbaugh for a year?  The recruiting trips, satellite camps, strategy sessions, 3 hour practices, etc.    Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer David Turnley did just that and ESPN yesterday shared a few pictures from the book David and Jim published.  

Its a short read and one I recommend checking out.   This is a heart breaking photo that David took after Jeremy Clarks injury.

David Turnley

  • Former Michigan recruit Jean Delance a 4 star offensive lineman from the 2016 class is transferring from Texas.  He was very high on the Wolverines and I believe picked Texas because it was closer to home.  No word yet if the Wolverines are interested in picking him up.  He played in a couple games as a freshman and would have to sit out a year before being eligible.
This surprised me a bit as I seem to remember him struggling with the deep ball, maybe those were Rudock flash backs.


Scott K said...

Bob, I thought the same thing about Wilt and the deep ball.... but then again we do tend to remember the wide open receiver that was over thrown much more than the 20 yard completion. i think that's just fan-nature.

17 Days 'til kick off!


Cormac said...

I guess that the "anybody but Speight" crowd will have to come up with another argument.