Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Michigan Monday and Tuesday: Quick Look At Air Force and Injury News

Sorry for the delay all, I live in Florida now and lost power when Irma came through.   Power is still out and right now I'm at Panera fighting for bandwidth with everyone in Florida.  :)

Michigan this Saturday hosts the very scary Air Force Academy.   Air Force runs the triple option which is something the Michigan defense sees once every 5 years or so.  If you watched the Labor Day night game when Tennessee played Georgia Tech, you know how hard it can be to defend this type of offense.

Last Week:  Bye Week, Week 1 they beat VMI 62-0
Rushing: 473
Pass: 190
Total: 663 yards (Wow!)
Yards allowed: 95
Kick: Noon
Line:  Michigan -24

This is a good football team that Michigan will have to play well against.  The team that showed up to play UC might be in trouble, if they don't clean up a few things.  This game will test Don Brown and the young Michigan defense.   The Michigan offense should score a few points,  if they hold on to the ball during hand offs and don't throw pick 6's.

Still its a very unique offense and one that can gain a ton of yards if haven't prepared properly.

  • Donovan Jeter is out for the year and just had surgery.  He will for sure redshirt now

  • Oliver Martin and Kareem Walker are a bit banged up and didn't dress for Cincinnati.   Jimmy does not like talking about players who don't dress!

  • Sounds like DPJ will be back on punt returns, Jimmy said he watched the tape and some of the issues were not DPJ's.   

  • Tyree Kinnel was the defensive player of the game for the Wolverines last week.   He is really playing well!  He had 2 sacks, interception for a TD and 7 total tackles.

  • Lastly I agree with the point Brian at Mgoblog made about Wilton.  His issues are fixable like using two hands on hand offs and throwing mechanics when he has a rusher in his face.    Wilton's knowledge of the offense with a ton of young WR's is the reason he is playing over O'Korn and Peters.    It can be frustrating at times, but like it was said in the comments, In Jimmy we trust!


Voice of Reason said...


I am sure that I speak for all of the Big House Blog Inmates when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family down in Florida. Please take all the time that you need to get on your feet. IMHO!!!

Renegade said...

As VoR said, hope all is well with you and family.

I guess I am concerned with Speight and fixables: "using two hands on hand offs and throwing mechanics when he has a rusher in his face". The guy is senior. Those are fundamentals. He should have this stuff down pat. But I guess the main problem is that there really isn't anyone to replace him. Personally I think this team is thin at QB. Korn - no. Peters - apparently looked bad thru the summer. McCaffery - maybe next year. So what do you do?

Scott K said...

Lets keep in mind Wilt was statistically sound last year.... we were three defensive stops away from being undefeated.

I think the concern about mistakes is well founded, but I also think we need to consider more than just the last two games.
Two years ago Justin Verlander was struggling with command of his breaking ball and needed a pitching coach to help him adjust his mechanics to get it back and he'd been pitching for 10 years.

Wilt definitely needs to make some improvement, my bet is that he will, and we'll be fine.


Renegade said...

Don't get me started on Verlander. In my opinion one of the most overpaid MBA players ever. Since the 2012 season he has a record of 87-73 and paid $172,000,000. That's almost $2,000,000 per victory. Pretty steep price.

Scott K said...

I think all the pros are grossly over paid... JV is a workhorse, he pitched a lot of great games only to take an L in a 0-2 game.

Bob said...

O'Korn is the better athlete, Peters has the better arm, and Wilton has the best knowledge of the offense. Yes, it would be great to have one guy with all 3 but it seems we don't have that right now. Your also right a senior QB fundamentals should be better then Wilton showed in two games.

Bob said...

Thank you for the kind words VOR, family is safe and sound and we got power back last night!! :)