Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Fixing Wilton

Wilton played a game on Saturday we are very familiar with as Michigan fans.  We also know Michigan has the best QB coach in the NCAA in their head coach Jim Harbaugh.  Wilton will make great throws (3rd Quarter throw to Grant Perry in the middle of the field) and then a couple of head scratchers (2 Pick 6's).   The two interceptions were just over throws that should be easily corrected.

My deeper concern are the drives that fizzled out in the second half where the Wolverines had to settle for long field goals when they needed touchdowns.  I re-watched the game on BTN full game in 60 minutes.   It seems to me that Wilton missed some check downs to the RB's and TE's Wheatley and Bunting didn't seem to get any targets.   One of Wilton's worst throws of the day, is when he missed Crawford wide open for a TD.  

If those drives turn into 6 instead of 3 (or a missed 3) the game isn't close in the 3rd and 4th quarters.   Do we have to live with this Wilton and just hope he doesn't turn the ball over or will he continue to get better this year, similar to Jake Rudock's senior year?  I hope he continues to get better as many of Michigan opponents will sell out on the run and look for Wilton and the young WR's to beat them.  I have faith in Jimmy and coaching Wilton up.

  • Are we ready to give Devin Bush the nickname the Missile?   I'm in!

  • Jimmy liked the play of the offensive line, he says that Nolan Ulizio has a few things to correct.   My guess is we might see a few guys play RT this year.

  • No word on David Long and Brandon Watsons injuries yet.  Jimmy doesn't expect either to be serious.

  • I'm wondering if the transfer of Keith Washington has now hurt the depth chart at CB.  I think the answer is yes!


    ScottyDoggs said...

    You explained our greatest concern on Speight... "inconsistent" well. Let's hope for the season Speight's favorite song is not Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold"

    High Sierra Howard said...

    Rudock threw 3 Ints in the first game of the 2015 season and I was very worried about the QB position. By the end of the year Rudock was like a different QB. Let's hope Harbaugh can produce similar development with Speight.

    Scott K said...

    If what we watched on Saturday is Wilts worst game this year, we'll be fine.

    Lets also hope the O-line improves over the next several games, I don't recall a decent run up the middle, all our yards were gained around the edge. We're going to need to be able to open holes in the middle of that line.

    Looking forward to Saturday and hoping to see not only O'Korn get reps, but hopefully by the 4th qtr Peters gets a few as well.

    GO BLUE!