Friday, September 22, 2017

Purdue Preview

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Time: 4:00 EST
Location: Ross Ade Stadium
Weather:  Hot! 88 and no rain
TV: Fox
Line: Michigan -10

Many Michigan fans see this game two ways.  A: Purdue has a brand new coach, playing very well, looking for a program changing win, and they have their sites on Michigan.   B:  This is Purdue, we will be fine.  Can it both?  I think it can, lets take a look. 

Tale of the Tape:

Michigan Oline vs. Purdue Dline = Michigan
Michigan Oline vs. Purdue LB = Purdue
Michigan Dline vs. Purdue OL = Michigan
Purdue WR's vs. Michigan DB's = Purdue
Don Brown vs. Jeff Brohm = Michigan
Overall Coaching = Michigan
Intangibles= Purdue

This is a classic strength vs. strength game:  Purdue's offense vs. Michigan defense.  The Purdue offensive line will try to hold up against the best defensive line they will see this year.   We will see a lot of quick passes from Purdue as they hope their WR's can take advantage of the youth in Michigan's secondary.

On the other side of the ball, there is a lot of talk about Purdue's front 7 being pretty good.  They're not bad, but they only have 1 sack on the year.  That leads me to believe they are strong against the run and at the LB position.  As every team will do this year, they will sell out on the run and will make Wilton beat them.   Wilton plays the best when he has time to throw and wait for the routes to develop.

Yell, This is How we start the Big Ten season if......
  • No turnovers on offense
  • Limit mistakes/penalties
  • Wilton is accurate
  • Michigan goes over 100 yards on the ground
  • Ian Bunting gets a catch
  • The Michigan defense is getting the to the QB
  • Red Zone TD's is not an issue
  • Michigan D gets two turnovers
Yell, I hate that damn train whistle...................................
  • Purdue's offense is keeping Michigan's defense confused
  • Michigan's running game is not gaining yards on 1st downs
  • Michigan is kicking lots of field goals
  • Purdue is hot and Michigan is making game changing mistakes

Michigan has sort of played a road game already.  The Boilermaker fans are excited about this new coach and how this team is playing.  This will be the best defense they face all year and Purdue will have it's hands full with the Michigan defensive line.   I expect a Cincinnati type of game plan, quick passes, so the DB's will have to be sound, and the DLine can't get to the QB.

Purdue will run some misdirection and even some trick plays, hopefully the Michigan defense is still sticking with their fundamentals after seeing AF last week.   Purdue will sell out against the run and how Wilton plays will be how successful the Michigan offense is at scoring points.   Purdue will want a close game in the 4th quarter so that maybe they can sneak out a win.  

I like Michigan's offense vs. Purdue D if Michigan plays clean.  Michigan's offensive turn overs could cost them this game.   We don't want a high scoring shoot out.  Michigan's defense might give up a play or two but hopefully can handle the Purdue offense.   Michigan needs to get the ball to the tight ends and running backs out of the backfield. I'm looking for better production on first downs and in the red zone.

Michigan 27 Purdue 13


ScottyDoggs said...

I'll take your prediction 0f 27- 13 any day of the week, a loss would prove you do not need a rock star to "boogie to the music".

ScottyDoggs said...

Anyone out there think that Michigan would have won, with Speight should seek immediate medical help, and mental therapy. I will help cover your medical expenses in you are indigent, or flat out demented.

Bob' prediction was spot-on, but probably for different reasons...

I feel vindicated, when your quarter back can not play or function properly, replace him... every other position is fluid, but somehow coaches will "marry" the quarterback, "and never look back"

Also to Bob and everyone else, your "rock star" coach did not win this game... O'Korn did! Dumb luck saved Harbaugh's butt when they took out Speight.

Some people probably think I am A butthole (which might be true), but I predicted that the back-ups had to be better than Speight, and I was right... what ever happens from here on in O Korn won this game, and led the team better than nervous Speight... Thanx O'Korn... I hate Purdue.

VOR is right, the opposing team was jacked up to "high heavens" to beat Michigan, but back-fired when they got tired!!!

Any body still think O'Korn did not earn starting rights, needs to place their thumb up their respective rear, and sniff it for the next hour... maybe you can think clearer then.

dude1984 said...
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dude1984 said...

This team frustrates the hell out of me. They need to start bringing it for a full 60. Part of it is play calling and personnel, but part of it is focus and effort. I'm assuming experience plays some role in it, but sooner rather than later an upset will happen. If they played the full game like they played the 2nd half, they would have won by at least 5 touchdowns.

Speaking of personnel, they have to stick with O'Korn at QB. On offense they need to get the ball to McDoom, Evans, Peoples-Jones, and Crawford, assuming he isn't too injured, and keep the touches to Higdon down. He's not a bad player, but he's not an explosive, play maker. Also their TEs create a lot of mismatches, so get them the ball.