Friday, September 8, 2017

University of Cincinnati Preview

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Time: Noon
Location: Big House
Weather: Low 60's Sunny
Stream: ESPN App
Line: Michigan -34.5

It's hard to believe this is the first time the Bearcats have traveled 3 hours north to play the Wolverines.  If UC who had been rumored to be added to the ACC or Big 12 had happened it would have been a nice conference match-up.   That didn't happen and UC is still stuck in the American Athletic and fired their famous head coach Tubby Tuberville after a very bad season last year.  Tubby works for ESPN now and Ohio State's former DC and interim Head Coach Luke Fickell is running the show in the Queen's City.    Luke will try bring the Refs and the luck he had at OSU against the Wolverines to this game.   He probably doesn't want the result that he had when he was he was head coach for a year.

Tale of the Tape
UC offense vs. M Defense = Michigan
Michigan Running Game vs. UC D = Michigan
Everything M vs. Everything UC = Michigan

UC was terrible last year and barely got past a terrible FCS team in Austin Peay at home last week.  In fact, the Governors out gained UC 313 to 248.  UC offense seems to struggle as they ran for less then 100 yards and passed for 151.   We know Luke likes defense and if UC has any chance of staying in the Big House, they will have to play some incredible defense and Wilton will have to throw a boatload of picks.

Yell, Did you bring any Montgomery Inn BBQ with you? if...............................
  • Michigan is motivated to play its home opener
  • Michigan gets 300+ yards on the ground
  • Wilton doesn't take any chances and O'Korn & Peters plays in a laugher
  • The defense is close to pitching a shut out
  • Michigan is the team that gets Interceptions
Yell, Does Luke Fickell have some type of Michigan voodoo doll? if..................
  • Michigan is over looking Cincinnati
  • Luke's defense is better then we think
  • Michigan's offense continues to turn the ball over
  • This game is close in the 2nd quarter
If you run into this guy before the game, make sure to ask him, if he would like to place a bet on who wins this game.  If he agrees to the bet, put as much money as you find on it!  If you have a house, car, boat throw it all in!

Michigan has an advantage in every aspect of this game: coaching, talent, home field, special teams, the list goes on.   This would have been interesting game if Butch Jones or Brian Kelly was still in role.   They have moved on and UC really hasn't.   Luke will turn the ship at some point but it will take a few years.   I'm more interested in what Michigan does and doesn't do, like not turning the ball over and the defense trying to shut out the UC offense.    I also think John O'Korn needs more reps and we all would like to see Peters play.   Give me over a 100 yards for 2 out of 3 Michigan RB's and some big plays from the freshman WR's.

Michigan 48 Cincinnati 3


Scott K said...

I think Coach Brown gets his first shutout of the year tomorrow..... and I'll be taking it in from section 12.


ScottyDoggs said...

I can be a pain in rear, but unless your on a high speed train... it's more like 4-5 hours from WKRP(cinci) to Bo Town(AA), depending on conditions, and your speed.

Voice of Reason said...

While I am not an expert in the sports area I thought it would be prudent for me to keep quiet regarding this Cincinnati team because my gut was saying something that the experts weren't saying. Most people were talking about how we would blow them out like a million to zip, but this game made me nervous because of how some of us viewed the Bearcats.

First of all, Cincinnati is not a MAC team (not to disparage the MAC at all) in fact this team is a full D-1 team that unless I am mistaken either had an opportunity to become a Power five school or was at least in the discussion. That meant that they were wearing big boy pants. They currently play in a conference with other teams the ilk of Houston, Memphis, Navy, SMU, UConn, South Florida, U-Central Florida, and Temple. Granted schools that aren't known for blowing the doors off of the top ten rated colleges but they aren't MAC (no disrespect intended) schools either.

Michigan was supposed to have beaten Cincinnati and they did, and their poor play was largely of their own doing and not Cincinnati. However, I remember some years ago when Jim Tressel was at OSU, they started the year off against Cincinnati and struggled to beat them and the experts were concerned about a potentially weak Ohio State...they were wrong. My point is that it would have been a big mistake to take Cincinnati lightly. The state of Ohio has a "lot" of talent in it and some of that talent goes to schools like Cincinnati and so forth.

Unfortunately, the college ranking "experts" could likely use this game as a reason not to give Michigan the respect it deserves. However, again they would be wrong. Michigan is young and on offense they are making mistakes and they are working through them. As long as they stay healthy they should be fine. IMHO!!!