Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wolverine Wednesday: The One Reason For O'Korn

Many Michigan fans are wondering if Wilton is healthy who would be the starting QB?  John or Wilton?

I would say a large number of fans are supporting John since he seemed to make quick reads, was athletic in the pocket,  hit the tight ends, and was able to score in the red zone.    All things that Wilton was struggling with.   I was having this debate in my own head on Sunday and then clarity came from a strange place.   I was watching the Red Zone and Tony Romo made a comment that made it crystal clear that John is the choice.

He said that while at Dallas the Cowboys researched data (from the NFL) for 5 years on what made a successful offense.   Tony said the #1 reason was that mobile QB's in the red zone could throw outside of the pocket and score TD's.   That is an O'Korn strength and maybe the top reason he should be the starter from here on out.  

I also like what Baker Mayfield did in Columbus and John is much closer to Baker then Wilton.  Okay, maybe that is two reasons! :-)

  • 7 Michigan Players made PFF Week 4 Big Ten Team of the Week. O'Korn, Evans, McKeon on Offense.  Winovich, Hurst, Bush and Hill on defense.
  • Many Michigan fans have a love-hate relationship with John Beilein.   The biggest complaints are, he isn't a strong recruiter and sometimes doesn't make in game adjustments.   The love comes from things like last year, a run through the Big Ten Tournament and a good showing in the NCAA Tournament (not to mention the year he made it to the Finals against a dirty team).    When news breaks like it did yesterday that NCAA Basketball is very dirty, it's nice to know we have a coach that plays by the rules and above reproach.

  • Tim Brando blasted Jimmy on twitter for his visitor locker room take, saying that he would support him if he gave broadcasters a depth chart.  Jimmy fired back of course, on how are the two things related?   I remember when Tim Brando was a successful broadcaster and probably should stop tying to be relevant with stupid hot takes.

  • Anaheim, CA Mater Dei 2018 5 Star Amon-Ra St. Brown will visit A2 for the MSU game.

  • Speaking of Michigan Basketball, they are expected to host Adrien Nunez a 6-foot-5 guard from Brooklyn this weekend.

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ScottyDoggs said...

Throwing out side the pocket?.... was that not what made Harbaugh the quarterback an "All-American"(back in the 80's) Bob?