Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Monsoon of Mistakes

You want to know why I hate night games?  Because Jim Harbaugh does.  He prefers to play football at 1:00 on Saturday but the TV networks prefer to highlight Michigan games at night.   Michigan will have to play Penn State at night in two weeks and I wouldn't be surprised if the outcome is the same shit we saw tonight.  Jim has won 1 night game at Michigan and that was against Rutgers.  So that really wasn't a game was it.   They say that your team is a reflection of your coach, he hates night games and so does his team.

The play of the game was the Ty Isaac fumble.  Michigan was about to run the ball down the Spartans throat and Ty coughs it up and gives the Spartans life, when they knew they were out matched in pretty much everyway.   That one drop of the football changed the entire game.   Then Michigan sealed its faith by playing terribly from there on out.  

The mistakes were countless.  

  • 5 turnovers are you serious? 
  • Defensive penalties to keep MSU TD drives alive
  • An offensive holding penalty to wipe out a TD
  • Dropped pass on the final drive
  • Questionable play calling
  •  and so on and so on

I hated the play calling in the red zone on the first drive.   Two fade routes to a TE and slot WR?  It's clear this team misses Jedd Fisch.

What about trying to pass in the worst of the storm?   Shotgun?  What the hell are the Michigan coaches thinking?  Of course, MSU knows you are going to run the ball but you also can't throw it more then 5 yards down the field.   Run 3 times and punt if you have to .  Don't try to throw in a monsoon.   Try to win the field position battle. 

Michigan played the game that MSU was hoping and the Spartans got an assist from the weather.   Michigan continued to shoot itself in the foot and MSU stood there and watched.   The Spartans didn't make many mistakes and Michigan had a boat full.   The MSU offense almost didn't even participate in the second half.

O'Korn didn't play well but I give him a small tip of the hat for trying to do anything in that storm.  I disagreed with Herbie, I wished he would have tucked the ball and run more then trying to find WR's downfield.   I think the Michigan offense is a mess right now, even when the weather isn't winning the game.

This team is now at another cross roads with trips to IU, PSU and Wisconsin ahead.  Not to mention OSU at home.    Michigan lost to a mediocre team tonight at best, which doesn't say much about our team right now.  

I can't get my head around that MSU had an 11 point lead in the first half and protected that lead the rest of the night.  Harbaugh and his elite staff got out coached by Mark Dantonio tonight.   The MSU coaches played the weather perfectly.

Someone really needs to find Dantonio's fairy godmother or voodoo doll.  His last two trips to the Big House have been something out of Dr. Seuss. 


dude1984 said...

This is a young team, and I hope they learned some lessons that will stay with them for the rest of their time at Michigan...
-4th straight game they were sleep walking through the 1st half. Can't play for 30 minutes and expect to win. I hope this was a wake-up call for them to play with max effort and focus for the entire game.
-Can't have 5 turnovers and expect to win. They have to do a better job securing the ball.
-As for the play calling...I expect better from this staff. They have to do a better job attacking their opponent’s weaknesses. Running between the tackles isn't it against MSU. I’m baffled nobody has gone heavy play action against Michigan State.

Onwards to Indiana.

ScottyDoggs said...

The Spartan's were playing man ball, those two fumbles were vicious attacks at the ball and successful.

Some satisfaction in not being as rabid fan as I used to, the defeats are easier to take'

Maybe we should all take comfort in being "owned" by Michigan State, Iowa, And Ohio State. Will the list grow?

Maybe when Ohio State beats us again we should all be rewarded with "block M" butt plugs that light up every time the opposition scores.

Jimmy is still great, but when called Rock Star, should be photo-shopped wearing the Bjork swan dress! (temporarily)

What scares me the most is the number of prospects that sign elsewhere, with Tom Brady and Jimmy we should have quarterback prospects fighting over each other to join Michigan.

Scott K said...

It was a shit-show. Our inability to call plays to move the chains is baffling. What a crying shame to have a defense so dominating and an offense unable to move the fucking ball.

ScottyDoggs said...

Do we have a receiving core that deserves to be on the field? Seems like no one is ever open much, a bunch of walk-ons beat the "rock stars" ugly!

All these cross-country camps and such, and we get beat by hooligans, a depleted force... maybe best to assume the fetal position for 60 minutes, why fight back; just take it in the rear like a "good" shemale, Caitlyn style.

michael czechowski said...

Say what you want, bottom line the OL play is unacceptable. IN year 3, JH's team should have at least a functional OL. Ulizio sucks! It's time for changes. I don't expect Drevno to be back next season. He was supposed to be some kind of OL guru. The OL maybe hasn't gotten worse, but it damn sure isn't any better. The play calling sucks too! I have to agree Jedd Fisch is WAY better than Pep Hamilton! Just like Urban went in a new direction with his OC, I expect JH to find a new OC for 2018!

ScottyDoggs said...


Scott K said...

Everyone was wondering why Wilt was still starting despite his lackluster play.... I believe we now know. O'Korn looked nervous & indecisive, to me.... It was like he was trying too hard to check all his receivers, rather than hit the primary target. He should have tucked & ran more often. Why can't our receivers get separation? What's wrong with 4, 5, 7 yard dink & dunk, move the chains football?

Dan S said...

It's time we started to embrace prime time games and learn how to make positive plays when it counts. I'm sick and tired of losing these games to our rivals by getting out coached at crucial winning time in the 4th Quarter. I'll always cheer for U-M as an alum, but I will no longer drink the Jim Harbaugh Koolaid until they win these rivalry games when it counts and matters most at crunch time!

Chad Baird said...

after listening to all of the rants on the radio today I think it boils down too a few things

- if Michigan does not turn over the ball they win
- they need to take a page out of an old Ohio State play book and run the ball, play good defense and rely on the kicking game to win until things settle down at quaterback

Cormac said...

I remember when Jim Harbaugh was hired. He was hailed as an all-powerful conquering hero and compared to Moses. He could do NO wrong. Little if no criticism of the Harbaugh was tolerated. Fast forward almost three years. The Harbaugh is being criticized for his playcalling, game strategy among other things. A portion of the Michigan fanbase is calling for his ouster or the ouster of one or two of his assistant coaches. My my, how the mighty have fallen back to earth.

Unknown said...

A significant part of the onus falls on the coaches here.

From the players side, the most significant part of the blame for the inept offense falls on the QB play. Contrary to many excuse-makers here there are open receivers on most plays-often a WIDE OPEN one. Contrary to many excuse-makers the QB usually has time to consider several options. Clearly, here, there are not good pre-snap reads being made. And in their premature panic, that seems to begin before the snap, they can never find the hot outlet/check-down who is often completely uncovered.

Yes, the O-line and RBs have been problematic. But Speight and now O'Korn have been especially bad.