Monday, October 9, 2017

Michigan Monday: Needs To Move On To Indiana

The Michigan fan base exploded on Saturday night.  Many started to question game plans, play calling, formations, coaching,  2 point conversions, etc.   There was a lot to chew on after that debacle on Saturday night.   Jimmy and his staff have a lot of work to do as the schedule only gets tougher as the season continues towards Thanksgiving.

Let's take a look at IU: 

IU is 2-2 with a couple of lopsided loses to PSU and OSU.   They also had the FIU game cancelled due to Irma.   They are coming off a 27-0 win over Charleston Southern last weekend.

Pass Yards: 260 per (46th)
Rush Yards: 149 per (79th)

Points Scored: 30 per (69th)
Points Against: 26 per (59th)

Line: Michigan -5
ESPN Big 10 Power Ranking:  8th

As you know, IU plays fast break basketball on grass.  This will be a 11:00AM kick off locally and if the Wolverines are sleep walking again in the first half, they will find themselves down a couple scores.  


Like I'm sure many of you have wondered all Sunday.  What the hell is going on with Michigan's offense?   Here are my concerns:

  • It's hard to see this on TV but it looks like Michigan WR's are not getting open.  This on the WR's and the play calling.   In a couple of those picks, it seemed they had two WR's in the same place.
  • Why can't we teach these 4 star offensive lineman how to block?  Michigan has two offensive line coaches in Drevno and Frey.   What is the deal here?
  • Is Pep helping or hurting?  Where is the West Coast offense we were told was coming this year?  The Michigan offense is predictable and not at all effective.  Is the offense/formations too complicated?
Someone pointed this out on Mgoblog but why haven't we seen more of a demonstrative sideline coaching from Harbaugh?   Does he think this young team couldn't handle it?

I also think Michigan miss managed the storm.  The forecasters predicted the storm very accurately and Michigan should have considered going for two after their TD in the second half. 

With all that, the coaches didn't turn the ball over 5 times.   That is on the players and they have to play better as well.   Only one turnover was done by a young player, sophomore Sean McKeon the rest were given up by upper classman.

Lots to work on this week.


Scott K said...

I'm guessing the recruits on the sidelines Saturday weren't blown away, unless it was by the wind.

Scott K said...

Penn State game is another 7:30 kick off.

Screw the excuses, if the opponent can get up for the game, so should we.

Cormac said...

Agreed. Michigan had two weeks to get ready for Saturday's debacle.

ScottyDoggs said...

Scott K gets credit for one knee slapper(lol), and one very accurate pointed comment.

Sometimes I will look at comments at other blogs... and one that stuck out is the writer said... "I have not drank the Jim Harbaugh Kool-Aid" close to original comment. Lord have mercy, Nebraska used to be a powerhouse and now they are average (for a long time), we must not let this happen here! Go Jimmy.. save our lost souls!

dude1984 said...

I moved on very quickly after that cluster you know what of a game (keepin' it clean). It sucks, but there is no point in getting obsessed over something that can't be changed, and there are still a lot of big games to play: Penn State, Wisconsin, and The Game.

It was a learning moment. Never take your opponent for granted. Regardless of the talent disparity, if you don't give it 100%, there is a good chance you'll lose. They were on that slippery slope for 3 games in row, and it finally bit them in the butt.

For the coaches, they need to stop being so vanilla and predictable. They need to start game planning to their opponents weaknesses (when on offense). And they need to come out swinging.

Scott K said...

Talking to a guy at happy hour last night, turns out he played for the Cornhuskers in the 70's and coached high school ball for 25 years around pittsburgh. He asked me what happened saturday. It just seems like much more simplified, basic play calling would have been more effective than whatever the hell they were trying to do.
He laughed and said, one thing about coaches is.... they over think themselves and overcomplicate things.

Unknown said...

Coaches certainly do overthink things-and thusly waste a lot of time on things that do not matter. Each player needs to be taught to win their own individual part one split-second at a time...execute in the moment. It is reasonable to believe that the players have the physical ability to succeed. To me, the problems with this offense with the mental, execution aspect of playing the game.