Friday, October 6, 2017

Michigan State Preview

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Time: 7:30 PM EST
Location: Big House
Weather: 76 Windy & 70% of rain at 10:00
Line: Michigan -10.5

This will be the first night game in the long history of this storied rivalry.  Both fan bases should be "juiced" up and I expect a loud Big House for the first night game in the Harbaugh era. 

Michigan is 4-0 and Sparty is a surprising 3-1 with a nice win over Iowa last weekend.    With the trouble this program got in over the summer, many thought MSU would be a dumpster fire this season.   They are far from that but won't challenge Bama or Clemson anytime soon. 

Tale of the Tape
Michigan Run Game vs. MSU D = Push
MSU offense vs. Michigan D = Michigan
Talent = Michigan
Coaching = Michigan
Intangibles = Michigan
Special Teams = Michigan

Mark Dantonio has maybe done one of his best coaching jobs to date.  This team is seriously lacking talent but they are finding a way to win.   MSU's only loss is to ND where they turned the ball over too many times to win the game.   On offense, they can't run the ball from the RB position, they dink and dunk you in the passing game, their QB is their leading rusher.    On defense, the Spartans sell out to stop the run as they have walk-on's in the secondary. 

Yell,  let's party and are the bars still open? if......................
  • John O'Korn is the solution we have been looking for at QB
  • Michigan plays angry because of the "punt"
  • The Michigan defense is shutting down Brian Lewerke from running
  • Michigan wins the turnover battle
  • The offense passes to run, not run to pass
  • The offensive line shows improvement from improvement week
Yell, are the bars still open?  I need a drink! if...........
  • MSU is winning the time of possession with it's dink and dunk offense
  • Michigan keeps MSU in the game with turnovers
  • The Michigan offense continues to run into a brick wall in the running game
  • JOK is struggling
  • MSU catches Michigan with a trick play for a TD
We know this is MSU's Super Bowl and Mark Dantonio will be throwing every thing they have to beat the Wolverines.   Their #1 threat on offense is Brian Lewerke who is the teams leading rusher.  He is the guy you think you have sacked on 3rd and 6th that finds a way to scramble for a 1st down.

If you measure this game with a computer or even look at the guys off the bus, this is a big win for the Wolverines.   Michigan has a new QB starting and the offense line has been struggling.    The Wolverines will need a strong performance from each group as MSU lives off turnovers.   This will also be the best defense the Spartans have seen all year.

We will see miss direction, fake punts, and throw back routes from MSU.  You are going to get tired of hearing the term: RPO.  They will open the play book to everything.  Many of the Wolverines will remember "the punt" and will play very angry on Saturday night.   The Michigan Tight Ends and young WR's will have a big day as JOK will be throwing the ball around the yard to try to take advantage of the lack of experience in the MSU secondary.  The Michigan offense will then knock out the Spartans with a running game from Ty Isaac and Chris Evans in the second half (with the holes the passing game provides).  Protect the ball and win this game!
Michigan 31 MSU 13


Scott K said...

I'm going to predict that by the 2nd half, Lewerke will have had enough hits from Bush & Co. that he will have lost a step and maybe the desire to tuck and run, for his life.

Can't wait to take my youngest for his first trip to the Big House!

Bob said...

Congrats on taking your youngest to the Big House, its a special day/night when you can share the Big House experience with your child for the first time. This is the first big step on them becoming a life long Wolverine fan!