Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Is it Time For Peters?

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When the year started, the media said that Michigan was too young to be considered a legit contender for the playoffs.   Then Michigan dominated Florida and they changed their minds and put Michigan in the top 10.   In the next few games, Michigan struggled to score points, but looked like from a far they were playing well. 

Then the MSU Monsoon hit and Michigan dropped down the polls.  Add the OT win in Bloomington and the Wolverines find themselves barley in the top 20 at #19. 

Do we agree this is not a playoff team?  If we do, then its time to get Brandon Peters ready. 

The whispers on Peters is he is athletically the best QB on the roster but has yet to grasp the complicated Harbaugh offense.    A Rivals recruiting insider even called him a recruiting miss, this past weekend.   I don't have any direct info on the kid, but during the signing of the stars he looked disinterested and his body language was not great.    Some are comparing his personality to Jay Cutler, which is clearly the opposite of Jimmy's.   That could be a problem if accurate.

I was watching ESPN College's Game day before the IU kickoff and they showed Peters warming up and said that we might see Brandon Peters play today.   That was a unique take and maybe came from some inside info from Desmond? 

Here a few things we think we know:
  • Jimmy isn't going to throw Peters into a starting role on a night game in Happy Valley.
  • Jimmy got really mad at JOK when he got a delay call on the shovel pass to the hammering panda.  That play was not on tape on now it is.  Does that mean, Jimmy is holding back the offense to not show too much?
  • Peters looked pretty good during the Spring Game.
  • He is still a redshirt freshman that enrolled early. 
In fall camp, we were expecting to see a Pep Hamilton west coast offense this year.  I haven't seen anything like that in what Michigan has been running.   Was this a bad hire?  Is Jimmy holding him back?  Is his offense too complicated?   Are the Wolverines too young to run it?

I think the best solution is to give Peters a start or at least some snaps at home for the Rutgers game.   I agree this week is not the time and the Michigan coaches will have to continue to coach up JOK to find the Purdue QB instead of the IU/MSU QB to upset the Nittany Lions.

If Michigan does lose this weekend, then there is no reason not to play Peters even if he knows 20% of the play book.   Maybe he is one of those bad practice - great game guys?  We won't know for sure until we see it in a real game.


ScottyDoggs said...

Go Peters!... why not?

Cormac said...

NO! Think about it. "You're" suggesting starting a redshirt freshman who hasn't played a down in a regulation game in a night game in one of the most hostile environments in all of college football? I find the suggestion insane.

Mike Tebbe said...

Doesn't need to start at PSU but should get some snaps... Even if its 2 hand offs and a safe screen pass...

The bugs need to come out sooner or later...

tho0505 said...

Absolutely. Look at O'Korn's stat line for Indiana for reference. A mailman could average 2.5 yards per attempt. Is Harbaugh holding back? No, he just doesn't have good quarterback play. Why on earth would he hold back, clinging to leads or losing? He wouldn't, just doesn't trust JOK. Time for Peters, absolutely, could it really be worse than JOK play from the last two weeks? No.

ScottyDoggs said...

Your probably going to lose for sure, so what is their to lose in trying Peter's... baptism under fire... agree with tho0505 100%

Cormac said...

If he, Harbaugh, trusted BP wouldn't BP have either played more or started. What happened to "In Harbaugh We Trust"?