Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Jimmy Is Moving on to IU

Jimmy spoke at his regular Monday press conference.  He did confirm that Wilton has some cracks in his vertebrae and is out multiple weeks.  Other then that, he didn't really address much from what happened on Saturday night. 

  • Didn't address the right tackle situation
  • For most questions, he responded with something like this:  “Yes. Again, we’ll go through it, make corrections, make improvements, and move on.”
One thought on IU this week.  They are playing better defense, yes Barkley had some highlight plays with a kick off return but he was also held to 56 yards rushing on 20 carries.

  • Former Wisconsin head coach Gary Anderson has left his position as the Oregon State head coach and waived his right to the rest of his contact which was worth 12m.   That is one hell of a concession!   This program has been a mess for a few years.  Remember that Brady Hoke was a candidate for this job before they hired Anderson.

  • MSU alum and ESPN personality, Jemele Hill was suspended by ESPN for two weeks for violating ESPN's social media policy twice.


Scott K said...

The Gary Anderson story is quite something..... guy leaves WS after a 9-4 season, pissed because recruits actually need to meet an academic standard. Takes over a smoldering dumpster at OR state.... resigns giving up claim to $12 million promised to him when he took over that steaming pile of dung. Dude, really?

I guess if he's looking for a school without academic standards for athletes maybe he's hoping LSU will come calling. LOL

ScottyDoggs said...

I read this blog, and like this Blog... but so help me Lord savior, I do believe the bunch of guy's at MGOBLOG could solve the play problems, and run the Gosh Darn program... kind of like the movie Money-Ball.. a Harvard grad changed the way baseball operates.
These guy's may or not be athletes, but their mental powers would equal victories... That baumGardner article, pointe to the fact that all those sideline passes is only expected a highly seasoned NFL quarterback should make.
I say screw this rock star B. S. put the "obsessed nut-bars" at MGOBLOG and give us a fighting chance!