Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: One Play Away

Jimmy yesterday held his regular press conference, where he said what he always does:  We have areas where we played well and areas that need improvement. 

The Brandon Peters  question was asked 3 or 4 times and Jimmy kept saying that he is the second string QB and is just one play away from being in the game and needs to be ready. 

Reading between the lines, that means if John O'Korn goes down with an injury that Brandon Peters is one play away from being the Michigan QB.   In this case, I think it has a second meaning and that if JOK doesn't preform better on Saturday, Brandon is one bad play away from getting snaps as the Michigan QB. 

What this does is a couple things.   Jimmy will never revel strategy on Monday for a game on Saturday.   He believes that would give the opponent too much information.   So even if he is planning to start Peters he won't be telling the world that 6 days before the game. 

Another sign that Brandon might get more snaps is that Michigan was preparing him to go in at the end of the game after Penn State fumbled.   The fumble call was reversed and Peters never saw any action.  

It will be interesting to see what happens next here.   JOK is not the future and either Peters or Dylan McCaffrey is. 

  • What is the best news the Michigan program can get after two night game losses?   Another night game of course.  This one will be for the Little Brown Jug against Minnesota.   What great news!! The game will be on Fox.

  • Lavert Hill gave the Penn State crowd the finger on Saturday.  Jimmy has addressed it with him and it won't happen again.  

  • 4 Star OG Emil Ekiyor is Michigan biggest flight risk in the 2018 class.  Alabama is recruiting him very hard and he has taken a few trips to Sabanville already.    Emil and family is expected to be in town this weekend and Michigan looks to hold on to this talented offensive lineman.   There is a pretty good opportunity for early playing time in Ann Arbor, which hopefully will be the deciding factor.  I think he wants to sign in the early period in December, so the clock is ticking.

  • Commit watch this weekend for  2018 RB Hassan Haskins who will be making his first visit to Ann Arbor.


Tim said...

I sure hope that thought of early playing time can attract some top talent.

In 2007 Charlie Weis had a dumpster fire of a third year and went 3-9. How did it affect recruiting? In 2008 Notre Dame had the second best recruiting class in the nation - behind only Alabama.

Voice of Reason said...

I think that the coaches would be crazy if we didn't see Brandon Peters at least "some" against the next three teams. I also want to keep in mind that as fans we all know that stranger things have and can happen on the way to a conference division and title game. Michigan still wants to win out because OSU, PSU and MSU could all trip up some way and the door could be open for anyone to walk in. Who knows, maybe our offense could grow up significantly between now and then. IMHO!!!