Friday, December 29, 2017

Michigan Friday: Michigan Bowl Practice - Who Didn't Make The Trip?

When the media get close to practice for a bowl game, they start running down the roster of who is and isn't there.  Who is working out in shorts, etc. 

So here we go:

  1. Kareem Walker did not make the trip.  Insiders are saying there doesn't seem to be a threat of him transferring and its not an academic situation.  Maybe an injury?
  2. Hudson has a cold and missed some time.  Seems minor.
  3. Tarik Black won't play, which is good and protects his medical redshirt for the year
  4. Isaac is still banged up and working out in shorts, should be considered questionable for Monday.  Would love to see him finish his career on the field.
  5. Perry and Hill are also doing light workouts.  Status for Monday is unclear at this point.
  6. JBB seems to have made the trip but wasn't seen at practice.  He has been in & out of the coaches dog house all year.  A Michigan announcement is pending. Not good!
  7. Ben Bredeson has also not been spotted at practice but seems to have made the trip.
  8. Hall also did not make the trip and it seems his heart is leaning more towards a transfer at this point.
I think that covers it for now.

  • The announcement of Jedd Fisch to Missouri has yet to have happened.  The rumor is spinning that once that happens Wilton will transfer there.   I guess we will have to wait and see on both.

  • I have watched MSU all year and just don't get that team.  They blew out WSU night in their bowl game.  I guess the same can be said for WSU, who was missing their starting QB.

  • Big Ten is 3-0 in bowl games right now.

  • In what Michigan was hoping for,  2018 five-star offensive tackle Nicholas Petit-Frere watched Michigan practice yesterday.  NP-F attends Berkeley Preparatory where Michigan is practicing this week before the Outback.  Just in case you are wondering, NP-F can't speak to the coaches or players during this time but can watch practice like anybody else.  If you remember, Alabama reeled in Dee Hart the same way when they practiced at his school in Orlando.
Since the game is on Monday, I will give you my preview this weekend.  Probably Sunday.  Enjoy your weekend!


Voice of Reason said...

Which Hudson? Can we assume it's K. Hudson since the other plays OL and has (I believe) a redshirt?

I am curious as to what that announcement regarding JBB could be. What are your thoughts?

I can only assume that J. Hall is still looking for a place to play next season. Some kids are afraid of competition, he may be one of them.

It appears as though from the bowling confrontation that the SC team is up tight about this game with Michigan. If they are calling Michigan over rated it seems like they are trying to psych themselves up. SC is a good young team that should make some noise in the future of the SEC. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

We have a new S&C Coach, Ben Herbert from Arkansas via Wisconsin. No news on Greg Frey yet.... wonder if he is really leaving and he's just keeping it unofficial until after Monday's game.

Hated to see osu win last night, or ever. Seeing some of the passes that Darnold made totally impressed me. That kid throws friggin' DARTS and they're right on target! He needs another year or two of experience before he goes pro. He's got a ton of talent, but needs better pocket smarts and experience. His ceiling is HIGH! It's been a long long time since we had a QB with the tools that kid has, if you ask me anyway.

One thing is the B1G is kicking ass this bowl season.


Happy New Years to you all...... I'm still digging out of the nearly 6' of snow i've gotten in the past 5 days. :-)