Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Michigan Signed 2018 Class - Early Signing Period
Signed LOI's and Officially Michigan Wolverines:
  • Aidan Hutchinson, DL from Dearborn
  • Joe Milton, QB from Orlando 
  • Sammy Faustin, DB from Naples. FL  
  • Cam McGrone, LB from Indy
  • Christian Turner, RB from GA
  • Julius Welschof, DE from Germany
  • Luke Schoonmaker, TE from Conn.
  • Ryan Hayes, TE from Traverse City
  • German Green, DB from DeSota, TX
  • Gemon Green , DB from DeSota, TX
  • Mustapha Muhammad, TE
  • Taylor Upshaw, DE - Florida
  • Myles Sims, CB Georgia
  • Jalen Mayfield, OL Grand Rapids
  • Hassan Haskins, RB Eureka, MO
  • Ben VanSummeren, FB Michigan
    • Ronnie Bell can't sign another LOI this year, he is signing financial aid documents and will sign the football LOI in February.  He signed an LOI for basketball already. 

      It seems that Otis Reese and QB Kevin Doyle are going to wait to sign in February.  It easy to see why Otis wants to wait because he is still deciding between Georgia and Michigan, but Kevin is a bit of a head scratcher. 

    • Twitter is saying that Ryan Hayes, Luke Schoonmaker, and Myles Sims is also in but not yet confirmed by Jimmy and staff yet.
    Breaking News: It seems Michigan has flipped 4 star DE Julius Welschof from Georgia Tech.   He is 6'6 and 248 pounds and from Germany.  Yes, the country not Germany Township, PA.

    In other news, reports are that Jedd Fisch is heading to Missouri to be its new OC.


    Mike Tebbe said...

    If we assume Otis, Doyle and Bell sign... making the class size 19 and if 3 players come back for a 5th year (Watson, Mone and Winovich) we would have a total of 85 on ship for next year. We could still oversize 3 more but would have to get back down to 85 by August 1st I think is the date....

    Brent McMordie said...

    I read an interview with Doyle stating that he was waiting until February because his school has an event at that time and he wanted to sign at the same time as his teammates.

    Voice of Reason said...

    Bob, you've done another outstanding job with keeping us updated with this NSD extravaganza. We truly appreciate it.

    I would be curious to know what Ronnie Bell's financial aid document would say and how it would mesh with his scholarship coverage. Moreover, depending on the timing, does this document count towards their scholarship number or a Grey Shirt in some way? IMHO!!!

    Bob said...
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    Bob said...

    VOR, in prior years, kids that wanted to enroll in January, could not sign an LOI, so they had to sign the financial documents in December so their scholarships could get started in January. Many kids who are down to a couple schools, would sign these documents for each school. Signing doesn't lock them into to either school. Not sure if Bell is planning on enrolling in January or not but him signing the documents this week, might be a sign he is.