Thursday, January 25, 2018

Michgan Thursday: Is Dan Considering Leaving Ann Arbor Now?

Dan Enos probably doesn't even know where the bathrooms are in Schembechler Hall yet and now maybe considering taking another job.   Reports are that Saban is targeting another Michigan coach and this time it's Dan Enos to join his staff.

We will see how this one plays out.   If Dan leaves, that could be a sign that Pep and Drevno don't have NFL jobs lined up. 

  • This is the time of year for walk-on news:  Don Bosco Prep 2018 WR Michael Geraci will take a preferred walk-on role with the Wolverines.

  • Michigan Basketball plays at Purdue tonight on ESPN.

  • The XFL is coming back? 

  • Coach Drevno was at top golf with Rice's Calvin Anderson yesterday.

  • Jedd Fisch got hired by the LA Rams.  I guess Wilton won't be transferring there.

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Cormac said...

Yes, he is. Or has. On another site, a commenter called him a low-life. I'll go one step further and call him a low-life. . . .