Friday, January 26, 2018

Michigan Friday: Jimmy Not Winning This Off Season?

Since Jimmy arrived in Ann Arbor, he has clearly been winning the off season.  He was doing football camps all over the US, signing the #1 player, doing signing of the stars, and taking his team to Europe.   All these things made headlines when college football needed something to discuss.

How is this off season going?  Not great, Bob.  Not great.

Michigan has signed a nice class of athletes in December and will round out the rest of the class early next month.   The class has good players but lacks a 5 star (update Cam McGrone was recently named a 5 star). The expectation is a top 5 to 10 class and this one is falling short of that.   They also lost  DT Tyler Friday last week that was a strong lean to Michigan for most of his recruitment to Ohio State.

Michigan looked terrible in the Outback Bowl and got beat by a poor South Carolina team. 

Jimmy has been losing staff and doing some hiring.  His two highly paid offensive coordinators Pep Hamilton and Tim Drevno are still on the staff.  Dan Enos he hired as a new coach, now seems to have left his role at U of M only weeks after taking it for a similar role at Alabama.  Dan we know is a former MSU QB.   Jimmy has also offered a position to former OSU OC Ed Warriner that he has yet to accept and maybe has turned down.

His season opening starting QB for the last two years, has decided to transfer and now is considering coming back.  That leaves more questions then answers.

The highlight of the off season is the signing of former 5 star QB and Ole Miss transfer Shea Patterson.  Whether he will be eligible next season, still sits with the NCAA.  So there is a level of risk there.

This off season is still young and has not been trending in the right direction for Michigan.  Jimmy can save it with a couple 4 star offensive lineman on NSD and finding Pep and/or Tim new jobs.

On the other hand, MSU had about the worst off season you can have last year and played better football then expected.   So maybe Jimmy loses the off season this year and wins the regular season?  That would be a nice change.

Did I mention, Michigan has the hardest ranked schedule in college football next year?   


Voice of Reason said...

Regarding Dan Enos, the blogs are saying that Enos was under a Non-compete contract with Arkansas that expressed that he could not work at another SEC school at least until February 15, 2018. That was circumvented by his signing a contract with Michigan that lasted for about 17 days. He most likely was in unofficial contact with Alabama and Nick Saban while he was leaving Arkansas and while recruiting for Michigan. However, this 17 day contract allowed Enos to disregard his Non-compete clause.

What we have here is someone who apparently fulfilled the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law (its intent). What does this mean?

"The letter of the law versus the spirit of the law is an idiomatic antithesis. When one obeys the letter of the law but not the spirit, one is obeying the literal interpretation of the words (the "letter") of the law, but not necessarily the intent of those who wrote the law. Conversely, when one obeys the spirit of the law but not the letter, one is doing what the authors of the law intended, though not necessarily adhering to the literal wording." Wikipedia

Dan Enos apparently violated the spirit (intent) of the law's Non-compete clause. When Enos signed his contract at Arkansas he had agreed not to go to another SEC school for that specified period of time...period. That was the understood intent of the agreement. He knew it, Saban and Alabama knew it and Arkansas knew it. However, finding a loop hole does not make it okay. Not only does it speak to Enos' and Saban's lack of integrity, it speaks to how they both regard the law and their contract agreements.

In my opinion, because of the understood intent of the legal agreement was in place, Arkansas "still" has a case where they can seek and find legal satisfaction against both Alabama, Nick Saban and Dan Enos. I believe they should seek legal recourse to the fullest extent of the law. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

Total douche move. If it turns out to be true, we don't need that kinda guy on staff.

Emily Gorski said...

A report from Outside the Lines revealed that at least 16 Michigan State football players have been accused of sexual assault or violence against women since HC Mark Dantonio took over in 2007.
ESPN's Outside the Lines discovered this information through interviews and public records requests. In Paula Lavigne's article on the investigation, she writes, "Even more [than the troubling number of accusations], Dantonio was said to be involved in handling the discipline in at least one of the cases several years ago." When asked about how his program was handling alleged incidents involving four players last summer, Dantonio said that "[t]his is new ground for us" and that "it has not happened previously." Michigan State AD Mark Hollis retired on Friday in the fallout from the Larry Nassar's child molestation sentencing earlier this week. Given the environment and the information that is coming to light, Dantonio's job security should very much be considered tenuous.

EzmoB said...

I think Dantonio will resign as pressure builds up from this fallout. Izzo could be in trouble as well for defending the now ex president is MSU. Let's see how this all plays out but I do think Dantonio will be out soon.

EzmoB said...

EzmoB said...

Watching the E:60 on ESPN right now and it's ugly. Dantonio is in huge trouble.

Scott K said...

This is a bigger disaster than psu/sandusky... and there will be massive fallout.
That being said, Chatsports is slightly less reliable than the gossip from a PTO meeting.