Friday, January 5, 2018

Michigan Friday: The Michigan Coaching Dominos

As we have expected the Michigan coaching staff is going to change this off season and could change drastically.  With a majority of the class signed during the early signing period,  Jimmy can start replacing coaches right now.   The cuts could be as deep as the entire offensive staff or just a few guys with a new 10th coach added (per new NCAA rules).   We started to see some movement yesterday in a couple moves. 

New S&C Coach, Ben Herbert - He is a former Wisconsin offensive lineman and S&C coach.  He has worked for Brett Bielema at Arkansas for 5 years and replaces Kevin Tolbert.  His goal is to make the team stronger and more powerful.  His hiring is now official.

New LB Coach, Al Washington - Was most recently the DL coach for Cincinnati Bearcats.  He also worked with Don Brown at BC.  This hiring is not official yet, but the word is out and his role at Michigan is still up for debate.  Some expect him to coach the RB's, I lean more to Viper/SAM coach.   He has a solid reputation as a strong recruiter.

Update: Bruce Feldman is reporting that Dan Enos has been hired by Michigan.  What that means for Pep or Tim is still TBD.

Kevin Tolbert, see above.

Greg Fry, OL and TE Coach - Jimmy loved how Greg was able to develop offensive lineman and Indiana's running game.  He recommended Greg for a number of jobs, when he didn't get them, he hired him.  Greg is now gone after spending less then 12 months on the job at Michigan.   The issue is Greg coaches a zone blocking scheme and was never a good fit for Jimmy's system.   Greg seemed like a fish out of water and now is heading home to FSU.   Don't be fooled this was a inside job and I'm sure Jimmy and new FSU coach Willie Taggart had a number of conversations about this.  

Brian Smith - Left to be the DC at Rice

In Question
Pep Hamilton - we heard rumors of a West Coast offense and a dynamic passing game when Pep was hired.  We didn't get anywhere near that this year.  Sure some of it was the talent on the field, the rest has to fall on Pep and Tim.  I don't see a ton of value of both Tim and Pep being co-OC's, either or both need to go. 

Tim Drevno - Was hired to fix the offensive line and be a strong OC.   We saw some decent signs that was happening during his first year but the last two were very questionable.   This year was a disaster and may have cost him his job in Ann Arbor.   Many thought Tim was going to be the next head coach from Jimmy's coaching tree and now it seems he could be looking for a new job. 

With big names like Pep and Tim, many times they will find new jobs before being fired.   I wouldn't be surprised if we learn soon that they are taking a new job in the NFL or with a different college program  Some inside reports say that there was a number of distractions during  Florida bowl practices for coaches looking for landing spots. 

Jay Harbaugh - I don't expect Jimmy to fire his son, but I expect he will get another role on the team.

Devin Bush, Sr. has been on Jimmy's non-coaching support staff but has been filling in as a on-field coach after Brian Smith left.  He could fill one of the opening spots.   

Don Brown - Because he is Don Brown.
Greg Mattison - Wants to be in Ann Arbor and rounding 3rd and heading home on his career.  Still a very good recruiter and one of the top DL coaches in the country.   Both sides seem very happy.
Chris Partridge - Good new coach and reports are that Alabama wants him. 
Mike Zordich - Has done a great job with the DB's and will be around unless another team grabs him with a promotion.

Michigan has 9 coaching spots filled right now (that includes the loss of Fry and incoming Washington, does not include Bush Sr.), so Jimmy can fill at least one more spot.   As mentioned above, we are expecting much more change.   Michigan will also have to work to keep Partridge on the staff. 


Scott K said...

Roman is staying in Baltimore..... Next!

EzmoB said...

Enos I believe is a good pick up. JH needs to keep Partridge on board, the guy is a great recruiter and decent coach. Enos from what I've been reading is a great recruiter himself. With Partridge, Mattison, and Enos we should be able to recruit really well. It smells like either Pep or Derveno will be out, I'm guessing Pep, because Derveno has history with JH.

Emily Gorski said...

We need a WR's coach BADLY! Too many poor routes, false steps, can't get off the bump (although our play designs don't help this either), and most annoyingly, our guys don't drive back to the ball. I can't believe that with all of the young high ceiling talent we signed before last season that this position group is not prioritized.