Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: I'm Clearly A Basketball Jinix

I enjoy watching John Beilein's team play basketball.   I'm not religious about watching it like I am a football game.   My Saturday revolves around the football game and most everything else has to be scheduled outside of that game window.    If Michigan Basketball is on TV, I of course will turn it on to watch. 

This season has been a bit up and down for the young Wolverines.   They have had a couple good wins and couple bad loses.   I watched them lose a big lead in Columbus and play poorly in Hawaii against LSU.   I didn't catch the MSU game this past weekend as we went out to lunch, I also didn't see the Texas or UCLA wins.   I did catch the end of the Purdue game, to see Michigan lose it at the buzzer.  So I got to thinking, this team really plays well, when I don't watch them live. 

I started to test that theory last night.  I watched the first half and Michigan barley scored 20 points and were down by 10 at half-time.   So at the half, I took a break from the game and kept checking the score on my phone.   I see Michigan gets the lead and then I turn it back on.   I watch the Wolverines miss free throws and shoot air balls from three.   It's now clearly me, so I turn the game off and keep track of the score on my phone.

With two minutes left, it looks like Michigan is comfortably ahead.   I turn the game back on, to see Michigan miss two free throws and Maryland hit a 3 pointer with 3 seconds to take the lead.   Ok, it's clear I'm the problem!  :-) 

Yes, I turn the game off and followed the ending of the game on my phone.  MAAR hits two free throws for the win.  Verdict reached! 

  • Michigan made the Sherrone Moore hire official.  He will coach the Tight Ends.

  • Michigan Basketball is now in the top 25, at #23
  • Rice LT transfer Calvin Anderson seemed to have a positive meeting with Jimmy yesterday.  Lets hope he takes a visit to Ann Arbor.


Voice of Reason said...

That jinx thing is a fun analysis but it seems to be more like what you notice. If you think about noticing cars that are red, then all of a sudden you start to see more red cars. The same with blue, green, grey, etc. It's what you focus on. If you focus on the great things that they're doing, then you may see a four point play. Try it. Keep us updated. IMHO!!!

Ronald Brangham said...
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Ronald Brangham said...

Don't listen to voice of reason, for the team's sake you must never watch a game live again! lol

Emily Gorski said...

I hate to tell you this but maybe you've been jinxing the football team for the last decade or so too? LOL

Bob said...

Emily and Ronald, I think your both right! This is going to be an Alabama and New England Patriots blog moving forward! :)